Holy Cao! (pronounced “gow”)

Anh “Joseph” Cao adjusts to role as GOP star

If only Washington would adjust to the courage, humility and sense of service that Rep.-elect Cao brings to his post.

Cao, a refugee from Vietnam, is the unlikeliest of political figures: slight, soft-spoken and self-effacing, a seemingly guileless figure, yet one with a sharp sense of humor and degrees in physics, philosophy and law and six years of study to be a Jesuit priest that suggest he is nobody’s fool.

On Saturday, his life took a turn from which it is not likely soon to escape.

On Monday his wife, Hieu Phuong Hoang, who goes by Kate, celebrated Cao’s victory by calling Walgreens, where she worked as a pharmacist, and quitting her job. …

Had he heard from House Minority Leader John Boehner? Probably, he said, but he’d heard from so many members of Congress he wasn’t sure. …

“Do you have a number for [William Jefferson]?” asked Cao, who said he wanted to call and offer words of solace and sympathy. He said he knows Jefferson, who faces trial on corruption charges next year, has a tough road ahead.

“He’s been around a long time. I feel happy for myself but bad for him, ” Cao said. …

[B]ecause of his late election, which came after the lottery for House office space, Cao will inherit Jefferson’s prime spot in the Rayburn House Office Building for the next two years. …

Cao was asked whether he was disappointed about anyone he hadn’t heard from. Angelina Jolie, he said. And the pope.

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