Legitimate civil rights victims are in woefully short supply these days. Back in 2006, a cadre of progressive and minority rights agitators descended on the small town of Jena, LA, instantly transforming a group of high school thugs from troubled young perpetrators into Icons of the Civil Rights Movement.

Police: 'Jena Six' teen shoots self, is treated

A teen convicted in the "Jena Six" beating case shot himself in the chest and was taken to the hospital Monday, days after his arrest on a shoplifting charge, police said.


Resistance is Not Futile

Caleb Howe

Mychal Bell's wound isn't life threatening, said Monroe Police Sgt. Cassandra Wooten. The 18-year-old used a .22-caliber firearm in the shooting around 7:40 p.m., she said.

Wooten believes Bell was upset over media coverage of the arrest last week.

"I think he was upset over the incident ... and didn't want to be in the news again," she said.

Psst, Mychal ... try paying for the jeans next time.

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