Four more years of the Obama Depression

Some people are finally waking up. We are in a depression:

There is nothing more depressing than hearing about a new recession when you haven’t fully recovered from the last one. I take heart in suspecting that in a still-distant future, historians will look back with clarity and call this whole rotten period a depression.

Our lousy economy needs a name: The Obama Depression.

Tomorrow will be another economic report, another reminder that our economy is barely moving forward. With manufacturing contracting in recent months (ISM report has been negative 2 months in a row), second quarter GDP at only 1.5%, this ‘recovery’ has been the weakest in 60 years, and we may be facing another recession. Joblessness has spent almost all of Obama’s 4 years in office above 8%, higher than when he won the election in November 2008.

For four years, we have suffered through this lousy economy and suffered through month after month of blame-shifting of overhyping tiny gains (“28 straight months of jobs gains” never mind that they are smaller than the rise in the workforce),  blaming Republicans and G W Bush and the weather and the europeans and everyone else for Obama’s lousy economy. After 4 years,  it’s about time we on the right call it the Obama Depression and quit letting the liberals give it silly names like ‘the great recession’ and getting Obama off the hook. There is nothing ‘great’ about it; it’s lousy. It should be called the ‘lousy slow-as-molasses wont-grow jobs-are-scarce-thanks-to-Obama Depression’.

And yet, if Pew polls are to be believed (don’t), we will re-elect Barack Hoover Obama to 4 more years. Either the voters are not putting two and two together or they actually believe that a guy with the worst economic record in our lifetimes should be given 4 more years to wreck our economy further.

What will 4 more years bring? 4 more years of the Obama Depression. Obama’s higher taxes will kick in and keelhaul business investment; his Obamacare regulations will kick in and kill jobs like a scythe thrashing wheat, turning full-time employees into contractors and contractors into hand-to-mouth semi-jobless deperados. Unemployment will stay high and the economy will stay sturbbornly lousy. Deficits will climb higher as Obama fails to curb spending and his tax hikes fail to raise revenue but hurt the economy further, putting us into a Greek-like crisis in a matter of a few years, as bondholders give up on the ever -inflated dollar.

This is unacceptable and its unacceptable to call this the ‘new normal’. Nope it’s “Obama’s lousy economy”. Whatever lunacy can possess a voter to vote for the worst President in our lifetimes, let us rest assured, whatever you thought of the last 4 years of Obama, you will get more of it, in spades.

This election is going to be about freedom – whether we have healthcare freedom, religious freedom, right to speak on an issue (like marriage), and many other important issues, but it’s the economy stupid.  We are worse off to the tune of $6 trillion and we have a smaller economy now than in 2007. It’s about prosperity, as well.  I hope during one of the debates the candidates are asked point blank:

What will you do as President to get us out of the Obama Depression?

Because it’s obvious only one candidate can get us out of the Obama Depression before 2016. Romney.



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