Mr. Sulu bashes Hobby Lobby

Believes court ruling imposes Christianity on the unwilling

“Hobby Lobby is not a church.  It’s a business.  Businesses must and should be required to comply with neutrally crafted laws of general applicability…We are a nation that respects religious beliefs, but also the right not to have those beliefs imposed on us by others.”  George Takei

Well, no one is forcing anyone to work or shop at Hobby Lobby.  OTH, forcing HL to spend money on things about which they strongly disagree is wrong.  It is why we left the old country for a new world.  It is essentially why we rebelled against England.  It is why we fought World War II.  The owners of Hobby Lobby could just close their business.  Their grandchildren’s grandchildren would still be well off.  But, then what happens to their thousands of employees, to whom HL voluntarily pays a $14 / hour minimum?  Perhaps they could start their own business.

Besides, these are not “neutrally crafted” laws.  They are made under the most horrific political pressure imaginable.  Mr. Takei would not hesitate to describe laws banning homosexual marriage as Christian bigotry.  And if enough of the beautiful people decide that shunning Christianity is the trendy thing to do, another religion will become predominant before long – as one inevitably must.  It will likely be Sharia law.  And homosexuals will then be in danger of some real discrimination from the old country – like beheadings.  (George Takei, please call your office.)

Here again is displayed the Leviathan’s never-ending quest for government to meddle where it does not belong.  Eventually, government regulation will become so onerous (if it hasn’t already) that more and more businesses will shut down, shrinking the economy, the GDP (or whatever they are calling it now) and lowering inexorably our standard of living.  Soon, we will no longer be a rich, prosperous country.  If you have never been to the third world, Mexico, Africa, etc. you ought to take a trip and see for yourself.  It’s not pretty.

Remember, the government has no money of its own.  It only has what it takes from individuals and businesses.  Owning a business is already damned hard due to over-regulation and over-taxation (the U.S. has the highest cap gains tax in the free world.)  These companies cannot stand much more.  And most jobs come from small, family owned businesses – just like Hobby Lobby.  Are the real-world results of Obama’s job-killing diktats now becoming apparent to even the most casual observer?  I should hope so.

Finally, Hobby Lobby’s employee insurance policy already covers SIXTEEN types of contraception for its employees.  The owners only object to paying for abortifacients, i.e. substances which induce abortions (like the RU-486 pill.)  Is it asking too much to allow a company some small leeway in declining to support aborting babies?  What gave the federal government the right to tell businesses what their insurance policies can offer anyway?  Surely, not even the most torturous reading of the establishment clause could render to government the power to force businesses to pay for auto-abortion medication against their will?  Could it?
First they came for the Catholics…
Then they came for the Boy Scouts…
Next Chik-fil-a…
Then Hobby Lobby…

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