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    A Bit More on Newt and Redemption

    I see quite a few have taken exception with the word “redemption”. I don’t know if these complaints are lodged just to be outraged about the religiosity of the word, despite the appropriateness of its use, or if you truly think I was being literal in only the spiritual sense. If it is the latter, I can assure you that I am using the word | Read More »

    Conservatives, Gingrich, and Grace

    With Speaker Gingrich having won South Carolina, and now polling ahead of Gov. Romney in Florida and nationally, there is one question that keeps popping up. What is it about Newt Gingrich that conservatives voters find appealing? Rush Limbaugh has at least part of the answer: To those of you in the Republican base, this isn’t complicated. Newt is winning. He is on a momentum | Read More »

    For the Despondent Perry Supporters

    The circumstances under which I write this are beyond horrible, I get it. It sucks that Gov. Perry is in this position. It sucks that the people of IA, NH, and now SC, have ignored the record of an outstanding governor and true blue conservative. It sucks that people have relied on shallow criteria for selecting a nominee. It sucks, but the reality is, this | Read More »

    The Late Term Abortion of a Conservative Resurgence

    In 2009 we began a conservative resurgence. We had just witnessed a stunning economic intervention from the Bush administration, and were now facing an expansion of government. President Obama, with a complicit Congress, had charted a course that included giveaways to every left wing pipe dream couched as stimulus. Conservatives and libertarians formed a loose coalition and took to the streets to seek redress. As | Read More »

    Amnesty, Border Security, and Conservatism

    Illegal immigration, and the debate that comes with it, isn’t going anywhere. This became clear in previous debates when Governor Perry came under fire and was reinforced last night when Speaker Gingrich spoke these words: I don’t see how the — the party that says it’s the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here | Read More »

    Governor Perry to POTUS: “That’s Pathetic”

    Governor Perry’s campaign has released a new ad in Iowa today that smacks the condescending arrogance of President Obama. The ad begins with the President’s recent remarks while campaigning/vacationing/playing golf with a friend who frequents the ladies of the night, in which he blamed the country’s current malaise on the American people being lazy. “We’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of | Read More »

    Perry’s Positive Outlook for America

    Gov. Rick Perry has released his second positive ad this week. First, there was the t.v. ad he started running Wednesday in Iowa simply called “Creating Jobs“. You might have missed that one since people were instead focused on attempts to make an issue out of debates, or the President’s birth certificate. Today he releases an ad titled “Cut, Balance and Grow“. This one highlights | Read More »

    Time for the Conservative Movement to Wake Up.

    In 2008 Conservatism, and our nation, took a thorough beating. The reigns of power were passed on to a revolutionary cause inspired by Marx. Some may chastise me for such inflammatory rhetoric, but I don’t really feel like mincing words in this post. The current administration is filled with Marxists, this is simple fact. Proof of this was seen mere moments after President Obama finished | Read More »

    Tax The Mississippi Rich, Not The New York Rich

    Honestly, I have a hard time knowing whether Sen. Chuck Schumer [D-NY] is evil or just stupid. Thankfully the English language conveniently provides the word “and’ to assist in situations like this. You see, the good Senator from New York isn’t happy with President Obama’s new, old, current, ever thus, plan to make the rich pay their fair share. Actually, that isn’t entirely true, Chuck | Read More »

    The Solyndra Green Recovery That Wasn’t

    With news this past week of Solyndra’s bankruptcy, firing of 1,100 employees and federal agents now raiding the homes of the executives, I thought it would be instructive for all to go back to where this began. Two years ago on September 4th of 2009, Vice President Biden was live via satellite to praise a little known solar company that was going to help America | Read More »

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