I am a conservative Christian mother and wife. I believe that this is a great nation founded on Godly principles and am willing to do the hard work to preserve this great country. I work, I volunteer, I write, and I am learning to be a community organizer!


    Day 1 – 40 Days Of Prayer for America

    I am going to post a prayer in my diary daily for the next 40 days.  I hope that many of you will read and share with others.  We must look to the Lord and past politics if we are to have a chance to spare this nation.   DAY 1 – 40 DAYS OF PRAYER FOR AMERICA: Dear Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name | Read More »

    Why TED CRUZ Should Be the Next Senator from Texas

    For years, we have suffered with the RINO, Kay Bailey Hutchison and now she’s retiring and we are looking at candidates for her replacement.  There are really only two candidates in this race that are polling high enough to be contenders.  One is Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, the establishment GOP candidate, who is a career politician, and  Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz.  Over this campaign | Read More »

    The Texas Speaker’s Race: How Will the Rift Be Healed?

    How Will The Rift Be Healed? Since the November 2nd election, which resulted in a supermajority for the GOP, the fur continues to fly in the fight for the Speaker’s seat.  Within just a few days, the issue will be decided and the business of dealing with the needs of Texans will ensue.  However, the venom that has been spewed and the anger that has | Read More »

    A National Call To Prayer

    There comes a time in the sequence of life when one comes to understand that all human work has been done and yet evil still prevails.  As I reflect upon the state of our nation, I clearly see that the evil in our midst is at the pinnacle of a major victory over our citizenry.  As our founders understood, God alone grants human rights and | Read More »


    An Open Letter to the RNC, NRCC and NRSC

    TO THE RNC, NRSC, AND THE NRCC: We’ve had tea parties, formed 9-12 groups, held countless rallies across the nation, gone to town hall meetings and marched in masses on DC.  We’ve called, we’ve faxed and emailed, we’ve written letters on colored envelopes and postcards,  signed and delivered hundreds of petitions and read and researched legislative language til our eyes bled.  We have come together | Read More »

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    Why The Grassroots Need to Overtake the GOP

    It has long been my contention that if we are to return to some sort of sanity in our government, it would be up to those of us on the ground to do so. There is plenty of talk on the web and elsewhere about 3rd parties and going Independent etc., but the reality is that, in order to retake control of the House in | Read More »