Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann covered the WCPAC confrontation between John Ziegler and David Keene. Amid the obligatory and well-worn "chuckling about the end of conservatives as we know them" routine Keith likes to trot out 9 or 10 times per episode, he suggests that perhaps Ziegler is just "defending his own crush." You get that? See Palin is a woman. So people who support must want to bed her. If you think that is an unusual or out of character point of view for Keith, well ... think again.

Mediaite's Tommy Christopher asked Ziegler for a comment on the segment. His response is priceless. Well, not exactly "priceless" ... here's an excerpt (emphasis added):

This may shock people, but my defense of her is not even politically based. It is motivated purely by the level of unfairness of the coverage of her. I honestly believe that I would have reacted the same way if she were ugly and a Democrat (not that it would have ever happened to her if that was the case), but I can understand why Olbermann couldn’t possibly understand such principled consistency or being motivated by something other than one’s own self interest and/or what they feel in their pants.

I will make this offer to Olbermann. If he has me on the show to debate Palin-related issues, live, for a full hour, I will pay his favorite charity $100,000, which is more than any profit I am ever likely to make from my film “Media Malpractice.” This offer is 100% real.

Will Keith man up? Doubtful. But I'll tell you one thing if he does, I'm cooking popcorn, setting the DVR, and wearing my three-wolf moon shirt because THAT, sir, is what you call must-see TV.