Daily Links – May 17, 2012

    Today is May 17th. On this date in 1792, a group of brokers met under a buttonwood tree on what is now Wall Street and founded the New York Stock Exchange. Everybody picked a button from the tree and then they traded, and that’s how stock trading was born! Also on this date, in 1877, the first telephone switchboard-connected burglar alarm was installed by inventor | Read More »

    Daily Links – May 16, 2012

    Today is May 16th. On this date in 1920, Joan of Arc was beatified and canonized by the Vatican. Man, first burned at the stake, then fired from a canon? That chick just could not catch a break!! On this date in 1965, SpaghettiOs went on sale in American supermarkets for the first time. You had to go to Morganville to buy them, which is | Read More »

    Announcing “Member Diary of the Day”

    Hey y’all. Each day on the front page I post “The Daily Links”. As you may know, it’s various articles of interest from around the web, as well as serving as a daily Open Thread. Yesterday, I added a new feature: This is a way for RedState to highlight content from the members of our community, and give recognition to the great content this community | Read More »

    Daily Links – May 15, 2012

    Today is May 15th. On this date in 1618, Johannes Kepler discovered the Harmonic Law, or the Third Law of Planetary Motion. This law governs where and when a person can play a harmonica unironically. On this date in 1768, France purchased Corsica from Genoa. But only 18 grams, any more than that and France could have been charged with possession with intent to distribute. | Read More »

    Daily Links – May 14, 2012

    Today is May 14th. On this date in 1643, Louis XIV became King of France at only four years old. At the coronation, he famously declared “Let me eat cake!” On this date in 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition got underway, departing from St. Louis, Missouri. Lewis and Clark made a great team for many years, until eventually they had a falling out when | Read More »

    Daily Links – May 13, 2012

    Today is May 13th. Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mothers out there, especially to both my own mother, and to my amazing wife. This holiday is a bit confusing to me though. I mean, how is it that all mothers are born on the same day? On this date in 1940, Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of Great Britain. In his speech, he | Read More »

    Daily Links – May 11, 2012

    Today is May 11th. On this date in 1858, Minnesota became the 32nd state. Hey, that rhymed! I knew I should have become a rap person!! Also on this date, in 1949, the nation of Siam changed it’s name to Thailand. (Its ex was a stalker.) On May 11th, 1997, IBM chess computer “Deep Blue” beat world chess champion Gary Kasparov in the final match | Read More »

    Daily Links – May 10, 2012

    Today is May 10th. On this date in 1924, J. Edgar Hoover was appointed as acting director of the FBI. He became the official director later that year. Hoover wielded tremendous power during his 48 year tenure, and [redacted] from the [redacted] six chickens [redacted] threw the bottle at the midget [redacted] so everyone just ate the soup. Also on this date, in 1863, Confederate | Read More »

    Infographic: The Obama Economy

    The Romney campaign has released a good new infographic detailing the truth about Obama’s promised “green economy” job gains. (Click on the graphic to view full size.) Facts are facts, Mr. President. Numbers don’t lie.

    Daily Links – May 9, 2012

    Today is May 9th. On this date in 1962, scientists in Lexington, Massachusetts successfully bounced a laser off the moon for the first time. The moon surrendered to scientists shortly thereafter in the famous “Lunar Peace Accords” negotiated by Jackie Gleason. As part of the agreement, the show The Honeymooners aired its final episode on this date in 1971. Also on this date, in 1950, | Read More »