Operation Leper: Action Alert!

What you can do to stop the Leper's Attacks On Palin!

Thanks to Erick Erickson and his Operation Leper diaries, after viewing comments, several questions have been raised about who is behind the vicious and subversive trashing of Sarah Palin by staffers from the McCain Campaign.

The first obvious question since those engaged in this subterfuge are McCain staffers is, “Does Senator McCain approve of these smears of his running mates?”

My take on this is, “If John McCain disapproves of the treatment of Governor Palin he would condemn these attacks.” Thanks to davidingeorgia there is a way to urge him to call for an end to the sniping.

Below is a link to the McCain Campaign’s page dedicated to those who would like to email Senator McCain and thank him his efforts this election cycle. Below that I have copied my email to the Senator asking him to condemn the behavior of his staffers and to call for an end to their petty and vindictive attacks on Sarah Palin.


Shame on you Senator McCain. Your silence in the smearing of Governor Palin by your campaign staffers is disgraceful. Your silence is your consent in this and if you don’t want your good name sullied and associated with the back biting and treacherous acts of your campaign staffers you need to come out now and condemn those who are engaged in it!

There have also been reports that the culprits are former Romney for President staffers who were later employed by the McCain Campaign. They are reportedly trying to take Sarah Palin down to make way for a Romney run in 2012

Below is a contact link to Romney’s PAC Free and Strong America PAC and my email to Governor Romney concerning these reports

Mitt Romney Info@FreeStrongAmerica.com

Governor Romney, It was reported by John McCaslin in the Washington Times several weeks before the election and from other sources that there is/was a move afoot to blame an eventual McCain loss on Sarah Palin and to claim that she was a drag on the Republican Ticket in 2008. Reportedly this plan was put together by former Romney for President staffers in an effort to diminish Governor Palin in order to pave the way for an eventual Romney 2012 run for the Republican Nomination. True or not sir, the impression from these reports is that you and your Romney 2012 staff are behind the vicious and despicable smears on the Governor. This impression could be laid to rest with a simple statement from you condemning these smears and disparaging remarks of the good Governor of the great State of Alaska. I call on you to repudiate these back biting attacks on a woman who has shown nothing but unquestioned loyalty and grace in the face of dispicable attacks on her and her family at the hands of the press and the Democrats this election cycle. She and her family have suffered enough and it’s time for you to act to clear her name and settle the doubts about you and your eventual Campaign in 2012.

I urge you all to send similar emails using the links provided…this has gone on long enough!

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