We have a redundant link to front page writers who are visible on the front page already, and a redundant link to Redundant links for Erick’s Posts which can be viewed on the front page AND the front page writer’s link; yet there is no link for diarists. This site was ruined when the “Cracken” was unleashed to dump popular writers with a PERMANENT ban | Read More »

    At What Point Does The Republican Party Invite The Broke Back Duo To Join The Democrat Party Where They Belong?

    Seriously, What do we gain for carrying their sorry butts along anyway? According to the Asshat in chief, “What we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those who say the rules of the Senate are being abused,” Well Let me ask you, you MORON, if the Attorney General of the United States Of America and the President of the United States believe they | Read More »


    What utterly BLOWS my mind is how anyone with basic reasoning skills can come to the conclusion that CONSERVATISM was the reason Romney lost….Can someone….ANYONE please tell me what was the CONSERVATIVE message that Romney articulated and how THAT so called conservative message caused Romney to lose? CONSERVATISM wasn’t even on the table in the 2012 elections… CONSERVATISM wasn’t proposed as a governing philosophy in | Read More »

    Bring Back The “Tax & Spend Liberal” Monicker

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I think it’s time I laid something out that has been gnawing at me for quite a while. I’ll start by asking a question that will sum up my point. Once the party spends the time to develop a brand that perfectly describes the Democrats and get’s that brand imprinted on the American People’s consciousness…Why do | Read More »

    Are We Going To Roll Out A New Version of Red State In August Of 2016

    I mean no disrespect so please take the following questions in the spirit intended. I am trying to point out the issues I see with the recent changes…in the hopes we don’t repeat it 4 years from now. This makes two successive elections when we’ve rolled out a new version of Red State within 60 days of the election causing Diary disruptions, problems with thread | Read More »

    Merry Christmas From AceInTX

    I’ve adapted The Christmas Story in the New King James Version using The Greatest Story by Johnston M. Cheney & Stanley Ellisen, Th.D. as a guide to lay out the story from all the Gospels in chronological order. Hope you all Enjoy, and share it so all your friends and Family can enjoy as well: Mark 1:1 Mark 1:1 The beginning of the gospel of | Read More »

    HELP! Transformers Have Assualted My Kids!!

    Parents who love their preteen kids BEWARE OF THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIES!!! I am totally disgusted with this entire series of movies since it is an adaptation of a cartoon designed and marketed for kids complete with toys and commercials and all the gimmicks one can think of to draw the little innocents in so they can be spoonfed the worse of American culture. We no | Read More »

    Politico/Molly Ball Attempts Balanced Take On Palin Emails: Alas, PDS Wins The Day

    So I’m reading yesterday morning with no plans to write anything and I come across Molly Ball at the top of the page at Politico: Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces in emails It absolutely cracks me up and would rank up there with the greatest pieces of parody ever written if it weren’t meant to be a serious report about Sarah Palin’s emails and time as | Read More »

    The Only Thing More Breathtaking than Newt’s Statements Concerning Ryan’s Budget Was The House GOP’s Response

    I mean…talk about an immediate and unrelenting slap down. Which is awesome. Newt was being Newt and doing what Newt does best…flap his gums incessantly while patting himself on the back for how brilliant he himself is until both feet are lodged up to the ankles in his gaping maw! What’s so brilliant and awe inspiring about this however…isn’t the enormity of said gaping maw…or | Read More »

    Awww…Poor Omar Bin Ladin Upset That Daddy Is Now Chum: Threatens To Sue The USA: Why I Support Him

    So, Drudge has a couple Articles up about how little Omar Bin Laden is upset that his pappy has now passed through the bowels of untold numbers of fish, crab and other ocean borne carrion and now serves as the main course for plankton and other microbes as fish feces. Not only is he upset, he is threatening to file suit against the United States. | Read More »

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