Winning The War On Terror. The Permanent Way To Victory

    This is the testimony of a former terrorist who found the way to liberty and freedom and it’s worth the time to watch it. Trust me in this…it will move you. Isa 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me, Because the LORD has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim | Read More »

    As Predicted, Castle Polling For Potential Write In Bid In DE vs The Handling Of Murkowski Committee Leadership

    SURPRISE!!! I said last week when Mike Castle refused to endorse O’Donnell and Lisa Murkowski announced her write in candidacy that he would be next. I predicted he would tell us for a couple of weeks he won’t do a write in bid. Next would be a whisper campaign about people calling on him to give them an independent choice. Of Course, this would be | Read More »

    Did Lisa Murkowski Really Say Jim Demint Shouldn’t Undermine “Fellow Republicans”?

    After watching this…is it any wonder she lost the Primary….she contradicts herself over and over in this and looks positively amateurish.

    It’s Official. Sore Loser Won’t Endorse O’Donnell

    So the RINO assault continues unabated against the Republican nominee for Senate in DE. For me, the quote of the day came from O’Donnell when she pointed out she had a lead in the polls against the Dem before the Republican establishment decided to wipe the floor with her, throwing everything, including not only the kitchen sink but a heaping helping of sewage and waste | Read More »

    And There It Is Folks: GOP Refuses to Support O’Donnell in General Election

    Just a year and a half after brow beating conservatives about the head that you are to back the nominee of the party no matter what….. What’s the phrase? Vote Conservative in the Primaries…vote Republican in the general? Now there’s this: Bombshell: GOP Refuses to Support O’Donnell in General Election Before Christine O‘Donnell even had a chance to deliver her remarks to accept the Republican | Read More »

    So, Who Watches The Watchers? Holder In A Political Witch Hunt Of Sherrif Joe Arpaio!

    Let me introduce you to one Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre. Many no doubt are familiar with the story of this despicable personage…but for those of you who do not know who Robespierre was, the long and the short of it is, he is the man who sent tens of thousands of his countrymen for a final appointment with Madame la Guillotine in what | Read More »

    Reid To Collins, Snowe and Brown…Thanks A Bunch…We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

    GOP’s Snowe, Brown back Wall Street overhaul bill Snowe of Maine and Brown of Massachusetts join Susan Collins of Maine as three crucial Republican votes for the legislation. “While not perfect, the legislation takes necessary steps to implement meaningful regulatory reforms, create strong consumer protections and restore confidence in the American financial system,” Snowe said in a statement Monday evening. In breaking with the rest | Read More »

    When Given An Opportunity To Speak To First Principles; Steele Throws Rand Paul Under The Bus

    So…Here we are…after years of being beaten about the head about fighting for your preferred Republican in the primaries and rallying to the nominee in the General Elections…Michael Steele our so called “spokesman” for the party, when given an opportunity to speak to first principles; throws Rand Paul under the bus on Fox News Sunday. Steele: Rand Paul philosophy on discrimination ‘misplaced at these times’ | Read More »

    Maybe JD Has Something To Brag About Win Or Lose!

    ‘Scorched Earth’ in Arizona Behind a Dunkin’ Donuts in a shopping center on East Cactus Road, J.D. Hayworth’s Senate campaign headquarters has a low-budget look. Near the front door, pinned to a cubicle wall, is a campaign T-shirt proclaiming Hayworth “The Consistent Conservative,” offered for sale at $15 each. Volunteers are stuffing envelopes at a folding table that holds seven telephones, the phone lines dangling | Read More »

    Are Those Bus Treads I See On Harry And Nancy’s Back?

    It appears there is room under the Obama Bus for the Democrats in the entire Congress and Senate. And the funniest thing about this? THEY ACT SURPRISED!!! Dems chafe as W.H. wavers on health President Barack Obama has left Democrats as confused as ever over how the White House plans to deliver a health care reform bill this year, following two weeks of inconsistent statements, | Read More »