That does it…McDonnell Can’t Be Allowed To Win Because (GASP), “HE’S A CLOSET CHRISTIAN!!!”

    From Ben Smith at Politico: McDonnell, the Christian conservative Virginia Democrats are highlighting this video of GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell from a rally-the-base speech earlier today at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg. McDonnell’s promise to be a champion for traditional marriage and anti-abortion stalwart comes on the morning following the final debate of the governor’s race Tuesday night — a debate where the | Read More »

    March of the RINOs III: Tell Me Again Why Olympia Snowe Is A Republican?

    And there you have it folks…after all the fanfare a couple weeks ago about how Senator Olympia Snowe was going to act like a Republican for once…and vote with the rest of the party on Obamacare…after all the town halls…and hell raising across the country against a nationalized health care system…after all the tea parties and protests…After seniors have decided to get engaged in opposition…after | Read More »

    Snowe Votes For Federal Fines And Jail For Individual Citizens Who Refuse To Purchase Health Insurance

    So…if you’re down to your last $500 and have to chose between buying groceries for your kids and keeping the heat on OR purchasing a FEDERALLY mandated health insurance plan….Olympia Snowe wants to fine you $1900 if you decide to stay warm and eat as opposed to sending your money to a federally approved insurance plan. Of Course…it doesn’t stop there….because if you don’t pay | Read More »

    Well Well Well…McCain Will Host A Fundraiser For Mitt Romney

    In the “See I told you so” category it seems the first installment is being made by establishment Republicans to pay Mitt (“I’m the genius behind MassCare”) Romney back for stepping aside during the 2008 CPAC conference and clearing the way for the disaster that became the McCain Campaign and an eventual Obama Presidency. McCain to host Romney fundraiser Posted: September 25th, 2009 11:07 AM | Read More »

    ****BREAKING**** Several Ambulances dispatched to the VA home of Robert Byrd (D-WV)

    From Politico: Victoria Hays, who lives in Byrd’s neighborhood, said she saw three fire trucks, two ambulances, a uniformed police officer and security personnel on the driveway of the senator’s house Tuesday morning. “We’ve all kind of noticed there have been a lot more nurses” in recent days at Byrd’s house, she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this around his house before. We’re hoping | Read More »

    Is Mass-Care The Answer For America? Mitt Romney Thinks So!

    In the irony of ironies category, Human Events interviews Mitt Romney about what America needs in a government health care system, Mitt Romney Talks Health Care Solutions based on his success in Massachusetts insuring all it’s citizens “without breaking the bank”. I’d be laughing if I weren’t choking back tears of utter frustration. You all Remember Mitt…he’s the current front runner for 2012. He’s the | Read More »

    Happy Red State Anniversary To Me!

    What happened? It doesn’t seem possible but here I am having completed 2 years at Red State. It seems I’ve achieved the near impossible! Just to review…I came here as a Huckster during the primary season and it might surprise some of you but I was pretty confrontational and strident in my support for the Huckster in Chief. I know…I know…It’s hard to believe I | Read More »

    I Thought Sotomayor Was A Shoe In! So Why Is Leahy Calling Republicans Racists For Questioning Her Work In La Raza, (Translation: The Race)?

    According to Politico, Pat Leahy has unleashed a screed against Republicans for daring to question Sotomayor’s commitment and participation in/to Racist Organizations like La Raza, (The Race). La Raza advocates taking back the western United States by using mass immigration, Patrick Leahy Hits GOP for “Racist” Comments. Aside from the obvious question, “If the Dems have the upper hand here and Sotomayor is a forgone | Read More »

    Calling All Red Staters…You Have 1,018 Pages To Read: Some Progress And We Need Your Help! A follow up to Swamp Yankee’s Column

    Several of us in a thread to an excellent diary by Swamp Yankee: “Dear House Republicans and Conservative Activists: You Have 1,018 Pages To Read” decided to form an informal committee to read parts of the recently released Health Care Bill and post relevant material so at least one bill making it’s way through cCongress this year will be read before it’s voted on even | Read More »

    Senator Durbin…You are Simply *WRONG*WRONG*WRONG *WRONG*WRONG*

    OK Folks…Time for a refresher in the fundamental difference between Liberal/Progressive philosophy and the Conservative principles I spend so much time beating Liberal/Moderate/Vichy Republicans with. As I write this I am listening to the hearings for Sotomayor on Fox news. Dick Durbin has just completed blowing the horn for Sotomayor. While listening, I’m smacked right between the eyes with his quote from Senator Paul Simon | Read More »