Juneau, Alaska Retired, but still some consulting and contracting in public employee relations. Married, four kids, all grown and (more or less) gone. Almost thirty years in employee relations, union side many years ago, represented State of Alaska in its dealings with unionized employees from 1987 to 2006. Mostly worked as a merit system employee of the Executive Branch, appointed Director by Governor Murkowski (R-Alaska) in 2003, and served in that capacity until I retired on July 1, 2006. Worked as a consultant on collective bargaining matters to the Alaska House and Senate Finance Committees in the '97 - '99 sessions. Hobbies and Interests: Boating and fishing. Writing, mostly history. Blogging, mostly politics. Local and state politics.


    Site Rules Dictate That I Withdraw From Posting Here.

    Management here. This diary, and all like it that pimp or shill for Lisa Murkowski in any way, will be summarily deleted and replaced with things that amuse us. Given the tenor of this particular diary, we found this appropriate.

    Alaska Update: 9/16

    Went to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce luncheon today where they had McAdams and Miller, the nominees for US Senate.  It was a question and answer format, not a debate, and the questions were pretty good.  Each candidate got a five minute opening statement then each got questions directed at him from the moderator. Then each got to ask the other questions and the other | Read More »

    A Family Home

    Vassar has written that the fundament of our ordered liberty is the ability to build a home and pass it on to your children.  I agree with that notion fundamentally.  The original phrase was, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Property.  As far as I can tell, I am the first member of my lineal family in America who has ever made a mortgage payment | Read More »

    OK, now you’ve pi$$ed me off.

    If I were advising Lisa Murkowski, and for all you know I am, this is what I’d do.  The Libertarians need a candidate to get 3% so they can stay on the general election ballot.  Lisa can do that, so their interests coincide.  So, Lisa Murkowski becomes the Libertarian nominee for US Senate.  At first I was thinking the Libertarians wouldn’t do it, but staying | Read More »

    Controlled Flight Into Terrain

    Among the more common epitaphs in Alaska are: “Controlled Flight Into Terrain” and “VFR Flight Into IFR Conditions.”  We Alaskans fly a lot!  And most of us have spent more than a few hours pacing the floor waiting for the “I’m there” phone call or pacing the airport waiting for the late plane to get in.  Sometimes they don’t.  I spent a couple of the | Read More »

    The Lure of Government Spending

    This diary is just a ramble; I’m thinking it out as I write it.  I just spent the last few days taking my wife to Anchorage to start her new federal job on Monday, August 2.  Yeah, that federal goverment, the one Comrade Obama runs.  Nota bene: I am not in Anchorage with her. For those of you not familiar with Alaska, to get from | Read More »

    Progressivism: We Need to Get This Right – and Beck Doesn’t

    There’s a recommended diary on here right now demonizing Woodrow Wilson as the root of the Progressive evil.  Ok, there’s plenty to not like about WW and, especially, his darling wife, but WW is one Helluva ways from Comrade Obama or Rahmbo Emmanuel. The original Progressives were 19th Century activists who recoiled at some of the abuses of the unfettered capitalism of that day.  Some | Read More »

    This is a Story You Won’t Read Anywhere else: It Has Wolves and Doesn’t have Sarah Palin

    This is the lead story in the Anchorage Daily News today: Part of me really likes living in a place where a story like this can be above the fold in the State’s largest newspaper. Wolves are everywhere in Alaska.  Sometimes I can hear them howling in the woods around my house.  There was a black one that locals named Romeo who inhabited the mud | Read More »

    The End of an Icon; A Beginning For Me

    Two term Governor of Alaska and President Nixon’s first Secretary of the Interior, Walter Hickel died last evening.  The Anchorage Daily News’ story is here”  If you’ve ever seen pictures of the Anchorage skyline, the golden brown building near the Cook Inlet waterfront is his most visible monument, the Captain Cook hotel, which he built before the rubble was even cleaned up from the | Read More »

    When you have a big tent, you get some clowns and wild animals!

    I just spent two and a half days as Sergeant at Arms for the Republican Party of Alaska’s State Convention.  The good news is that the current state of affairs both nationally and in our state has brought a lot of new people into political activity, including taking an active part in running the Party by becoming convention delegates.  The bad news is that many | Read More »

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