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    It’s going to be Trump — get use to it.

    Why do Trump supporters refuse to budge? Why, no matter what their fellow conservatives say, do they reject their warnings and double down even further in their support of him? It’s simple really. Like him or hate him, most people believe that, if elected, Trump will do exactly as he says on three major issues: immigration, national defense and reasserting America’s place in the world | Read More »

    It’s all about Megyn.

    FLASH FOR FOX NEWS: Don’t flatter yourself. Trump’s boycotting of the Thursday evening debate is not disrespectful to the people of Iowa. It’s a message to FOX and Megyn Kelly, in particular, that he won’t be used by FOX or any one of its hosts who hope to boost their own egos at his expense. It’s a message to FOX and FOX alone. Megyn Kelly | Read More »

    The Navy has some explaining to do.

    The seizing of two heavily armed navy patrol boats and ten sailors by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Forces in the Persian Gulf on January 12, raises a number of troubling questions about the state of readiness of our armed forces in hostile areas of the world. The incident causes me to wonder about the Rules of Engagement for our armed forces when approached by potential hostiles? | Read More »

    Ted Cruz may have just bought the farm, too.

    There are three things we, conservatives, just won’t abide in a candidate seeking our nation’s highest office. First, they must be willing to take on the Democrats and strengthen our armed forces, technologically and militarily; second, they cannot compromise on the issue of illegal immigration. Those in this country illegally must go home, one at a time if need be, but go home they must; | Read More »

    Marco is finished, and here’s why.

    If there was any doubt that Sen. Marco Rubio was going to be a contender for the Republican nomination for President, his appearance on Meet the Press, Sunday, sealed his fate. He’s finished! Marco is a bright guy and, but for his stance on mass disobedience of our immigration laws by illegals living in our country, he had a good chance of being the alternative | Read More »

    Who is a natural born citizen? That’s not a question a highly politicized court can or should decide.

    Those who want the courts to decide the question: Who is a natural born citizen, qualified to hold the office of President of the United States? are, in this writer’s opinion, looking to the wrong branch to answer that question when they look to the courts. The courts should have nothing to do with this issue. Nothing at all. The relevant sentence in Article II, | Read More »

    It’s still going to be Joe.

    Joe Biden said recently that he thinks about his decision to take a pass on the upcoming presidential election all the time. He did it, he said, for personal, family reasons. He regrets it, but that’s how it is when you have a conscience. I’m sorry, but. . . No you didn’t Joe. And no you don’t. I maintain now as I did in a | Read More »

    Is Ted Cruz an American citizen?

    Of course he is. Why? because even though he was born in Canada, his birth mother was an American citizen. Trump may insinuate otherwise, a cheap tactic he uses frequently and which is little more than an underhanded gutter ball that he needs to stop using, but regardless, the nationality of a baby goes to its mother’s country and to the jurisdiction that her country | Read More »

    The NRA has this one wrong as does Paul Ryan but for different reasons

    First Ryan: Politico wrote today, January 5, 2016, that “the GOP’s best chance to overturn (Obama’s gun control executive orders) is to elect a Republican president in 2016.” They were quoting House Speaker Paul Ryan. Yep, that’s Paul Ryan speaking. Seems to be the Republican mantra: Surrender first, then call for a fight later. Ryan and others argue that passing legislation to nullify parts of | Read More »

    Get the homeless off our streets.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent executive order to sweep the streets of homeless people has stirred a hornets’ nest among homeless advocates and politicians who accuse him of heartlessness and not understanding the multiple issues of those most in need. “Put simply,” said Mary Brosnahan, president of the Coalition for the Homeless in New York “being homeless is not a crime,” reported Associated Press | Read More »