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    Newt’s War on America!

    Sorry, Newt. You just lost my vote when you said you would, in effect, grant amnesty to millions of immigrants who entered our country illegally. I will not vote for you. Period! And I was a big Newt suppporter before your utterances at the November 22 Republican Presidential Debate. I feel betrayed. I suspect there are millions of other conservative independents like myself who share | Read More »

    A few tips to the candidates running for President.

    Some advice from someone who worked in the political arena for many years. We all know that Perry is not reading Romney’s book and neither is Romney reading Perry’s. So why do they both spend so much time in debates pointing to discrepencies, like two school boys in a rather foolish name-calling fight?  This game of “gotcha” has to stop. It makes Barak Obama look | Read More »

    Compromise is for losers. Republican leadership must go!

    Note to republican leadership from someone who has spent over twenty three years advising elected officials on policy matters: stop all this talk about compromise and get real. Fight for what you believe is right for the country or step off the field and hand the reigns over to someone else. The object is not to compromise with the Democrats but to tell the American | Read More »

    How Boehner and McConnell Blew it.

    If ever the stars aligned for a Republican victory on the debt ceiling debate, they aligned over the past few months in favor of Republicans. What happened? Every sign pointed to a win for the new Republican majority in the House, the only branch of government that really mattered in this debate,  in spit of the argument that “the Republicans controlled only one-half of one-third | Read More »

    Not a single subsidy will survive the collapse of the dollar.

    As the hours drew closer to a government shutdown Friday evening, April 8, 2011, rhetoric from the Democrats became more apocalyptic: “Women will die!” “Seniors will starve!” “Children will go hungry” ,and rhetoric from the Republicans became more guarded and conciliatory. The Republicans could only answer: “This is about cutting spending.” “”We must cut the deficit.” “Blah, blah, blah.” Guess who won the day? Democrats, | Read More »

    Tactics and Strategies for a November Sweep.

    I have been involved in politics for most of my adult life and have advised elected officials on campaign tactics and strategies during that entire period. My very first political campaign provided a template I would use throughout my career. It involved a conservative Democrat who was tagged by liberal opponents as a “one issue candidate.” Print, radio and television commentators and columnists were brutal | Read More »

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