Time to Face Reality About Vaughn Ward

    n the national conservative blogosphere, Marine Lt. Colonel Vaughn Ward, a former employee of the CIA and a combat veteran is considered the candidate who will take on Congressman Walt Minnick (D-ID) in the fall. It is time for a thorough reconsideration of that scenario. Thursday was yet another bad day for the Vaughn Ward for Congress Campaign in Idaho’s 1st District. It began with | Read More »


    Bieter’s Biggest Blunder Yet

    Mayor Bieter’s health care resolution may be the most politically stupid and inappropriate action of his entire Mayoral reign. I’ve been a critic of the Mayor since the Ten Commandments, but looking at this Health care resolution, it may take the cake in several categories of poor management. First of all, while the city has a right to pass a resolution about anything, voting out a | Read More »

    Congress Ignores Friends of Angelo Scandal

    Dodd, Conrad told “Friends of Angelo” deal sweetened. Democrats cover up for friends of Angelo while talking about investigating Gates arrest. (Hat Tip: Colussus of Rhodey.) Conyers to introduce Constitutional Amendment creating write to health care. Obama’s mad science czar endorsed legal rights for trees. (Hat Tip: The Corner.) 78 year old can’t stand it anymore.  (Hat Tip: Sister Toldjah.) Teacher’s union hurts Michigan kids. Sweden | Read More »

    Obamacare May Be Hazardous to Your Health

     Podcast Show Notes Obama “takes credit” for perfect game.  (Hat Tip: Baseball Crank.) What’s in the Obamacare bill? (Hat Tip: Doug Ross.) Obama don’t know much about the House health bill. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) Rick Perry threatens to refuse to follow the Obamacare on Tenth Amendment grounds. (Hat Tip: Save the GOP.)  Obamacare supporter makes the case for rationing. Now the White House worried about | Read More »

    Podcast: Obama v. Time

    Podcast Show Notes Why the hurry on health care? (Hat Tip: James Pethokoukis.) RomneyCare ripping off Hospitals. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.) RomneyCare being gamed. (Hat Tip: Red State.) Why the Democrats big tax increase will not work. (Hat Tip: Townhall.) House Obamacare bill to increase deficit $239 billion. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) White House foreclosure program fails. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.) Democrats go thuggish on | Read More »

    Firefighter Faces Politics of Personal Destruction

    Sotomayor’s supporters declare war on firefighter. (Hat Tip: Newsbusters.) Obama’s insulting remarks in Russia. (Hat Tip: Clayton Cramer.) Senator Al Franken’s first embarrassing vote in the U.S. Senate. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.) Pro-Cap and Trade Congressman doesn’t know if he believes in global warming. (Hat Tip: Red State.) Roe v. Wade: That’s what it’s all about. (Hat Tip: Red Hot.) The 9th Circus undermines the | Read More »

    Obama Taking U.S. Down

    Podcast Show Notes Satellite TV and Soduku for Gitmo detainees. Evan Thomas sorta worships Obama. Nuclear power for Iran a-okay. (Hat Tip: Townhall.) Obama’s weak statement on William Long. (Hat Tip: LaShawn Barber.) Obama’s lame maneuver on vouchers. (Hat Tip: Education Watch.) You call this progress? Geithner renting his house out for less than his mortgage payment. Palin calls Obama on the carpet. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) | Read More »

    The Assault on Freedom Continues

    Podcast Show Notes Obama Justice Department tolerates voter intimidation. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.) Sotomayor’s anti-2nd Amendment record. Majority know the truth: abortion hurts women. Pro-abortion movement protests pro-life display . (Hat Tip: Jill Stanek.) Tolerance: pro-abortion radicals vandalize christian organization. Oklahoma bans gender selection abortions. Obama’s confused metaphor.  (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) Obama Stimulus pumping. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) Burris’ latest defense: I’m not a crook, just | Read More »

    Obama’s Cars

    Podcast Show Notes Obama’s car tax. We now own a car company and are forgiving a $15 billion loan. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) The Obama budget deficit in perspective.  (Hat Tip: Willisms.) The specter of cowardice. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.) Texas as the promised land and economic powerhouse. Teachers who can’t learn math. Georgia GOP takes a stand. Oklahoma places ten commandments monument. Click here to listen, | Read More »

    What Did Pelosi Know?

    P9dcast Show Notes Pelosi: Those lying….patriotic servants of our country. Obama overstates promised health savings. (Hat Tip: Sister Toldjah.) The Obama FDA takes on cheerios. (Hat Tip: Don Surber.) A reasonable solution.  (Hat Tip: Scrappleface.) Obama seeks to control bank pay. (Hat Tip: Save the GOP.) Democratic Policies cost more than 2,000 jobs. Not one dime. Millionaires tax produces…less millionaires. Fraudulent Democratic veterans group. Public | Read More »

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