For President, Politics Trumps Pragmatism

    So let me get this straight. The President hates the sequester. The GOP hates the sequester. Only in Washington D.C. can two sides agree on something yet fail to come to a compromise. It is obvious that the GOP will get the blame for the sequester happening. It is something the right has to get used to. The President is on a never ending campaign | Read More »

    Welcome Back Senator Kirk!

    Mark Kirk was elected to the Senate in the 2010 mid-term elections. His win was important because Kirk, a Republican, took over the seat that President Obama vacated after his election to the White House. While Kirk’s policies and positions are moderate in nature, the fact remains that his victory in a reliably blue state showed that the GOP could be competitive in statewide elections | Read More »

    Democrats: The Inhumane Party on Immigration

    The House of Representatives recently passed the STEM Jobs Act. This bill would give close to 50,000 immigrants with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math a green card. The legislation also expedites the waiting period for families of legal immigrants. After waiting one year for their green cards to be processed, spouses and minor children of legal immigrants will be able to immigrate | Read More »

    In Defense of John McCain

    During President Obama’s first press conference after his re-election, the president quickly went on the offense against Senator John McCain’s questioning of the Benghazi catastrophe. While McCain is doing all he can to bring the questions about the event to the public fore so that such a tragedy will never happen again, President Obama thinks that the Senator has more malicious intentions; chief among them | Read More »

    Blame the Tea Party . . . For Conservative Successes

    Todd Akin (MO). Richard Mourdock (IN). Ken Buck (CO). Christine O’Donnell (DE). Sharron Angle (NV). These are candidates who lost winnable senate races over the past two election cycles. Had they won, the GOP would be in control of both chambers of congress right now. So it is unsurprising to hear pundits (including “conservative” ones) repeatedly chastise the conservative base for nominating these failed candidates | Read More »