We need the true conservatives in Congress to re-take the narrative

    We are now hearing that GOP “leadership” is changing the conditions of a vote to increase the debt and re-open the government. Now, instead of the simple condition of “defund Obamacare,” which is what the people actually want, they are starting to talk, again, about dead-end negotiations to “reduce the debt.” So that stinks, and Erickson has a good take on it. But here’s my | Read More »

    We need to win, right?

    I agree.  I agree with pretty much everything written on RedState about last night.  Mark Rubio nailed it.  Governor Romney nailed it.  And even Clint Eastwood got people talking and watching and, in his own way, nailed it.  Oh, and Paul Ryan nailed it the night before.  RedState is a happy place today.  And I agree. This is what we wanted.  This is what we | Read More »

    A true conservative candidate. If not now, when?

    Let me preface by saying that some people support Mitt Romney because they would rather him be President than any other candidate.  I disagree with those people, but at least they are supporting the guy that they want to win.  I can’t fault them for that. This diary is about those who actually want a more reliable and conservative candidate but who are supporting Romney | Read More »

    Let’s Not Let the Deficit Cause Us To Lose Sight of What is Important

    This chart has been floating around liberal sites, ostensibly, I suppose, to make the point that the deficit is President Bush’s fault and has nothing to do with Obama: Sigh. I want to use it to make another point. While I appreciate all of the political ground we have gained over the last few months by focusing public attention on the deficit, I would not | Read More »