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    $teamed Rice

    Can someone explain how Susan Rice (career pinhead) and her husband (former producer) came to be worth between $26 and $38 million dollars?

    FRONT PAGE The Science Of Cleaning The House

    Dr. Art Robinson is in the thick of his second challenge of incumbent Congressman Peter Defazio, Democrat of Oregon’s District 4. Among other things, Art is a scientist. A problem solver. A successful career running parallel with devotion to his family. Robinson is the antithesis of his opponent, a man best defined as a career politician. As a political rookie in 2010, Art’s no-nonsense conservatism | Read More »

    The Charred Side of Green Technology

    DeFazio Has a “Fix”

    The Dems are already tying themselves in knots over the recent ruling. The link is here: Corvallis Gazette Times The money quote from DeFazio is this gem, ”I believe buying insurance should be a choice, not a matter of federal coercion, but with that choice comes responsibility.” I wonder if he came up with that before or after he voted for the bill.