The outcome of the 2012 election was devastating to the hours of hard work, psyche, energy and dedication we put into defeating a man who, in his own words, said his presidency was designed to transform us. As I've always contended, his ideals and image of America stem from, as he wrote, 'dreams from his father.' Imagine that. An anti-colonialist who advocated that nations uniformly rely on government to meet needs of citizens. Someone who believed in the conceivability of a 100% taxation on the wealthiest, hardest-working among us. Those aren't my dreams, or as Michelle Malkin so deftly called it, the "Culture of Corruption" we have been immersed in since Barack Hussein Obama first took the oath of office. 2014, and then 2016 will determine whether we permanently lose the Republic. My work, along with Conservatives, Libertarians and true believers in the greatness of America to come are united in preventing that from happening. Anything less is an incomprehensible fate.