It’s Not Our Fault

    “You’re just trying to put this on us so it’s not your fault.” Unintentionally, Rahm Emanuel just summed up the governing philosphy of the Obama Administration. The quote is from

    Short, fluff post on Sexism

    Im breaking rules, and I apologize. I should have looked for an open thread. Yesterday, the Canadian Womens Hockey team beat the American Womens Hockey team and won the gold


    On Meeting a Hero

    My father, brother, and I were coming home from a trip to Ontario and were in the Calgary airport waiting for our bags. While standing around the baggage dispenser we

    talkin bout todays Bernanke thang

    I had time today and because I find this whole sky is falling phenomenon terribly entertaining, I find myself watching a congressional committee and Bernanke have a chat. I apologize

    Palin talks! Palin talks! Palin talks!

    I apologize. I have to leave the house for school in 5 minutes, and I was just looking over drudge before I left, and there was this awesome link.


    Israel Airstrikes Gaza

    Not a lot for me to add other than Israel is about 3000 Hamas fired rockets too late. Also Ill point out the obligatory: “The strikes caused widespread panic and


    On Pakistan

    Oh boy. <A HREF=””>Pakistan is bat crazy.</A> People, lets take a step back, shall we? India was just attacked. It was attacked by a group with the implicit backing of

    On Palin

    Obama campaigned on tax cuts. Thats our turf. Democrats win when they run as Republicans. This suggestion that Palin hurt the ticket is then exposed for the misguided death whine


    Why polite nations dont loot

    from: The GuardianRead it if you want an example of biased journalism…America invaded Iraq soley for oil, and the proof is…Iraq is now selling oil!!! Pretty evil, those Americans.If you


    A response to Bobbymike (American suicide)

    Fellow Canadian what up go FlamesAmericans, for reals, this guy hit on something very important:It was a big change from Canada where big government socialism had seemingly depressed everyone’s dreamsThis