A simple proposal for cutting the budget

    I live deep within “enemy territory”, one of the bluest of blue states.  And every year I see the posturing when budget cuts are proposed – we’ll have to lay off police and firemen, teachers will be living on hardtack and swill, and other over the top claims.  But in the end the governments propose to cut the only even partially effective programs and save | Read More »

    Democrats and the destruction of the US senate

    The US Senate has often been described as “the world’s best delibrative body”, and considers itself a model for others.  Given this, it is ironic to me that the democrats in their rush to pass some form of “Universal Health Care” are so brazenly crossing the rubicon that has protected them so much. The key to the Senate’s operation lies in two main factors – | Read More »

    An open letter to the left

    I have heard your incredulous cries as to how “anybody” could oppose “health care reform”.  I have heard your pleas about our “rights” to health care, social security, welfare, and the like as our obligations as a “modern, moral” society.  I’ve read the condescending pieces on how we rubes are getting in the way of something that will “help everyone” and that we must not | Read More »

    Win the war, not the battle of the day …

    Between Congressional projections, the Specter switch, and threats of “creative” use of process to avoid procedural hurdles, there have been bleats of doom and gloom and caterwauling that we don’t have enough Congressmen with “R” by their name to block Obama’s agenda.  This is true, but ultimately this is a small tactical issue, and in focusing on it we ignore the big picture, and the | Read More »

    The Curious Economics of our Times

    We’ve all been focused recently on the tactical actions of our government in the current financial crisis.  Recapitalizations.  Bail-outs.  Bridge loans to nowhere.  Stimulus packages.  Anything but actually helping us to solve the fundamental issue of concern – debt. A major component of the current economic crisis is an overabundance of debt.  Financial companies borrowed in excess to feed leveraged investments to boost returns, encouraged | Read More »

    Get in on the ground floor of an offer you can’t refuse

    This is a formal offer to all right-thinking people to get on board with my newest business venture, the Sleek and Cheap Auto Manufacturing concern (SCAM for short). I expect papers to be filed within the week.

    MA-02 Congressional District Info

    MA-02 Congressional district. Currently held by Richard E Neal – Democrat obviously. Voted for SCHIP expansion, against FISA reform, against funding Iraq war without surrender timeline, against border enforcement. Typically runs D+11, ran unopposed in 2002 and 2004 (and possibly much further back). Opposed run by a Communist party member in 1988 garnered ~20% of the vote. Last held by a Republican in 1949. Mass | Read More »

    Why do we bother with recounts?

    When looking at elections we often have “mandatory recounts” that are triggered in a close race. Now, I’m all for ensuring that all ballots are counted and that priovisional or otherwise questionable votes are given the consideration they are due. What I don’t understand is this fetish for recounts “to be fair”. There is nothing special about recounts – they’re simply another count of the | Read More »

    The Great Wheel of American Politics

    Looking over American political history in the “modern era”, there is a clear cyclical pattern – a great wheel of American politics if you will. Looked at from the right, we let “hope” get the better of us and run to the liberal extreme of trying to protect everyone from their bad decisions and control the economy to be more “fair and equitable” and conorm | Read More »

    Rasmussen on Sarah Palin and the election

    91% favorable from Republicans – John McCain could only dream of that level of support.