Desperate Obamabots Spamming in the Name of God

    I received this e-mail today on a work e-mail address that is completely inappropriate for this type of message. Most of the other recipients were also targetted at their work address. Desperation is the key here: From: Lawrence [name withheld for mercy reasons] To: [a bunch of State Farm people] Sent: Fri, Aug 14, 2009 8:24 am Subject: PRAYER FOR OUR PRESIDENT FYI   (name | Read More »

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    The real meaning of the first pitch: It’s all about me!

    Barack Obama threw the first pitch in yesterday’s (7/14/09) All-Star game. The blogosphere is abuzz today with the fact that Obama pretty much thows like a girl and how badly he fares against President Bush’s legendary first pitch in the 2001 World Series. But the real telling aspect of those two first pitches has not been told yet. First, to the highlights so to speak | Read More »


    Iraq Foreign Minister Thanks America, Bush

    In a recent interview with a major Spanish newspaper ( source in Spanish ), Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebar had the following interchanges with a reporter: * Q: How will President George Bush be remembered in Iraqui History? * A: We will remember George Bush as the person who gave us the opportunity to have a democracy. It was imperative to end the dictatorship of | Read More »

    The Worst President in US History

    There is a saying in Spanish: “otro vendra que bueno me hara”, which loosely translates to “another one will come who will make me look good”. We have all heard, of course, George Bush being called ‘the worst president in US history” by the media, lefties and the so-called ‘international opinion’. This adjective is freely thrown around with complete disregard for any of the clear | Read More »