Conservatives Only Have Ourselves to Blame

    We know Republican Leadership often pushes leftward. We must count on this and push rightward, in every fight, to push the debate back in the right direction. Conservatives failed to do so in this latest spending fight, trusting “Leadership” would maintain the sequester, and you can surely guess what happened—they went to the left with higher spending levels this year and next. If this were | Read More »

    What Nurses Can Teach Republicans

    Last week my bride Kate was in excruciating pain, for hours on end. I wanted to be strong for her and struggled to, at times longing to escape—it was so unbearable to watch her in such pain. Her nurse was much stronger. Unlike me, she had no obligation to be there the entire time of this struggle. Nevertheless, she chose to, calmly and patiently tried | Read More »

    Congress is Three Times More Popular than Something Else?

    Shocking, yet true—Congress is three times more popular than something else: Washington spending more this year, which is pretty darn unpopular.    My organization Let Freedom Ring’s August poll with The Tarrance Group found that only 4% support Washington spending more this year and the latest ABC/Washington Post poll found a 12% approval rating for Congress; translating to Congress being three times more popular.    | Read More »

    A Father’s Day Letter to Putin

    Dear President Putin, Happy Father’s Day. Today you wake up with your two children and I’m sure you will express your love to them and they to you.  Elsewhere in your country, a lonely boy wakes up in his orphanage and thinks of his two fathers, neither of them there—one by choice and the other not by choice at all. This child wonders why his | Read More »

    Making Life Easier for Iran?

    While Iran builds nuclear weapons, President Obama called this week for unilaterally reducing our nuclear weapons. While Iran builds nuclear weapons, Obama nominates a Defense Secretary that Iran has endorsed. While Iran builds nuclear weapons, Obama nominates a Defense Secretary that believes Iran has “an elected, legitimate government.” While Iran builds nuclear weapons, Obama nominates a CIA Director that called for us to be “more | Read More »

    GOP “Leadership”: Today Isn’t The Day We Stop Stealing From Our Children

    Last week 41 conservative leaders called for making “Today the Day We Stop Stealing From Our Children” by demanding that any debt ceiling increase that steals more from our children also include fiscal reforms that put us on a path to balance to the budget in 10 years–guaranteeing the end of an immoral era of theft. The next day House GOP “leadership” announced that they’re | Read More »

    A Tribute to Wes Goodman

    It was a sad day last week when Wes Goodman left the Republican Study Committee, where he was Director of Conservative Outreach under the leadership of Congressman Jim Jordan. Wes is a solid Christian man, a classic gentleman in an age of few, a bleeding-heart conservative, and one of the most faithful allies for so many of us that his departure from the RSC will | Read More »