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    3 Technology Resolutions for the GOP

    For Republicans, the calendar couldn’t turn over from 2012 fast enough. The last two months have been a fog worse than any New Year’s Eve hangover. But if there is a silver lining, it’s that maybe, just maybe, leaders on our side are taking a hard look at how technology can be leveraged to win elections. To kick off the New Year right, here are | Read More »

    Indoctrination: Teaching Hate

    New video has surfaced about the mob who took over a recent Boulder County Commission meeting and, instead of engaging in civil discourse, bullied and intimidated those with opposing views, as well as the Boulder County Commissioners. But new video has surfaced raising questions about how far these liberal protestors are willing to go to deliver their message. Not only did they drown out the | Read More »

    Anti-Fracking ‘Goons’ Bully and Intimidate Opposing View

    At a recent Boulder County Commission meeting, liberal environmental groups used “mob harassment, cursing and intimidation” in an attempt to silence opposition to their fringe view on job creation through energy exploration. The Boulder Daily Camera describes the mob scene: “The meeting was held to discuss proposed oil and gas regulations, including those that would govern the drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. | Read More »