Crossover Voting: Democrats to Republican

    Question: Would we rather have things more our way, or should we hold out and try to get everything we want in national politics? There is one indisputable fact about Donald Trump’s candidacy that all sides can agree on: He has created a huge schism within the Republican Party.  Some will argue that the roots of the schism have been there for a long time, and | Read More »

    mitch HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!

    We have got to STOP supporting the failed Republican Party. We have got to stand up and say loudly and clearly that we will NOT support RINOs.

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    Today, we Conservatives face a real dilemma. If we vote for the squishy RINOs that the establishment by hook and crook puts before us on the ballot, we perpetuate their belief that we are not serious. They believe that we have no choice but to vote for their tards. They believe that in the end we will show up in November. They believe that we will accept that the Senate is too important to vote against McConnell and Cochran. They believe that Cantor was just a one-time thing, and that they can recruit blacks to destroy quality Tea-Party candidates.

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    Ann Coulter: Establishment Harpie

    she doesn’t really believe a word of it. She says it in this case because she wants Thad Cochran back in the US Senate next year. Like the entire Republican establishment, she thinks that the Tea Party is hurting the Republican brand. She’s WRONG, DEAD WRONG!!!!

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    Drip, Drip, Drip!

    Every day as I read the news, particularly about Republicans, I see the word “Surrender” boldly emblazoned across the screen. Some are big deals: Romney nominated for President (DRIP), McConnell renominated in KY (DRIP), Republican candidates discussing “fixing” Obamacare (DRIP), another state sanctioning sodomy gay marriage (SPLASH), McDaniel defeated by black voters in MS (drip).  And some events, not as big, but never-the-less, another drip in the | Read More »

    What stupid thing did Mitch say today?

      McConnell told reporters that the fate of Kynect – Kentucky’s state-run health insurance exchange – is not connected to the federal health care law. But the exchange would not exist if not for the law that created it.   (AP – 5/23/2014) Hmmm?  Seems that Mitch wants it both ways. So what if there are 400,000 people on Kynect?  They aren’t going to vote | Read More »

    When Do I Get Mine?

    I’ve been paying attention to politics for a long time now.  I have always been a staunch CHRISTIAN Conservative.  I have always voted – Republican.  I have always supported candidates that respect human life with my time and my money. Over my lifetime I’ve seen significant tax reductions for wealthy Americans – and I believe that is good for America.  But, being in a lower income bracket | Read More »

    Family Trouble

    In my family I am alone. They are all in for Obama and Obamacare. My brother, my three sisters and both of my parents are all in for the dictator and his vapid dictums.  No matter what I say, they bloviate utterly stupid assertions and lies regarding Obumer’s viciously destructive policies. Well, they don’t think that they are lies. They tell me that they get their information from | Read More »