Amelia Hamilton is the author of the children’s books “One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots” and "10 Steps to Freedom: A Growing Patriot's Guide to the American Revolution." A lifelong writer and patriot, she also loves dogs, hockey, old cars, old movies and apple juice. Amelia has a master’s degree in both English and 18th-century history from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She is a fellow with The Franklin Center


    Educational Success for Connecticut Family

    Educational Success for Connecticut Family

    “I realized Julia has has very little instruction in science, history, geography and writing when compared to my boys education in our school system.” After their four sons graduated from public school in small-town Connecticut, Ray and Kathleen were happy with the education they had received. Ranging in age from 21-29, all had done well and gone out into the workforce. However, last year, Kathleen | Read More »

    Ken and Angela Paxton: A Family for Educational Choice

    In Texas, Ken Paxton is running for attorney general with the slogan “Proven Conservative Courage.” More than a politician, though, Paxton understands that Texas is a keystone for freedom in the United States, and that the 10th Amendment is a fundamental part of that freedom. Last month, he spoke at the Red State Gathering (you can watch the full speech here), and spoke frankly about | Read More »