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    Massachusetts Reporter Attacks Conservative School Candidate For Personal Beliefs

    Romanian immigrant, Ion Baleanu, a local school committee candidate from Raynham, Massachusetts, was recently attacked by Enterprise News reporter, Michele Morgan Bolton, because of a personal Facebook post he made last year against Muslim jihadists, who brutally murdered a defenseless woman. A screenshot of the post was sent to the reporter by 26 year old Kelsey Keefe, a self-proclaimed “good Samaritan” from Bridgewater.

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    Glenn Grothman Sold Out Before He Got To DC

    Glenn Grothman Sold Out Before He Got To DC

    Congressman Glenn Grothman, newly elected in Wisconsin’s 6th District. The people in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District are unhappy campers this week and who could blame them? They were betrayed. They were betrayed by a loud-mouthed, mean-spirited, arrogant carpetbagger who didn’t live in the district. But even worse, they betrayed themselves. Newly elected Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-6) who claimed he would oppose | Read More »