The President turned his back on America – America will turn its back on him

    On September 12, 2012 the President stood in the Rose Garden to speak to the American people. The country tuned in with great concern; our ambassador and three others had


    The problem with knee-jerk reactions is they’re so knee-jerk

    Friday morning we woke up to yet another horrific, senseless act of violence. Innocent people murdered while watching a Batman movie. Moments after the news broke the knee-jerk reactions started.

    Why SOPA but not Health Care?

    Something funny happened on the way to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). The people spoke. They let their voices be heard and the politicians, shock of all shocks, listened. SOPA

    Michelle’s war on childhood obesity

    Dear Michelle, Being First Lady is quite similar to being Miss America.  The job used to be pretty easy.  Just look good, smile for the cameras and try not to

    The Speech

    On October 27, 1964 Ronald Reagan gave what is now simply known as “The Speech”.  Today, on this day before what could arguably be the most pivotal election in our lifetimes,

    It’s Time for Thatcherism

    “FOR ME, THE HEART OF POLITICS is not political theory, it is people and how they want to live their lives. No one who has lived in this country during

    Why Give the Guy a Platform?

    I am confused.  As I watch General Petraeus expressing his concerns over the planned Koran burning at an evangelical church in Gainesville, Florida, I am having trouble wrapping my head

    The Obligatory “what if?” Question

    Being conservative means that often the question of  “what if” comes to mind.  What if some event had been the other way around? Or, what if a conservative had said what

    Tolerating All The Tolerance

    In recent weeks we have been subjected to lectures on tolerance.  Apparently the most tolerant society in the world is not quite tolerant enough for all those tolerant people  who consider

    Welcome to the New-Age of NASA

    I had to ask a friend today, “Is it me?  Have I lost it? Or did NASA just become a touchy feely new-age self help organization seeking Muslim scientists and mathematicians