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    Arizona Under Fire: What you need to know about the Sheriff Joe Recall Effort

    I don’t normally stick my nose into local or district races, mostly because it conflicts with my philosophy of letting the people choose their own. damn. representatives. That being said, I do believe that the people have a right to know who they’re signing petitions against and voting for–especially when the Big Progressive Steamroller of Doom© is calling the shots. Strategically bagging elections is sort | Read More »

    Care about freedom of speech? Prove it.

    Today at 2:30 ET, the Senate Judiciary Committee is hosting a subcommittee hearing entitled, “Taking Back Our Democracy: Responding to Citizens United and the Rise of Super PACs.” Ilya Shapiro of the CATO Institute will be the only witness offering testimony in favor of deregulation and freedom of political speech. The other six witnesses will be shilling for the same tired “get corporate money out | Read More »

    On Getting It On

    RT @lizthatch: Why do I have to buy my own tampons?!? #WarOnWomen — Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) March 5, 2012 I support a woman’s right to sex. Good sex, bad sex, filthy sex, and all the sex in between. I support your right to have sex with your husband, your boyfriend, or the rando you brought home from the bar that one weekend you were bored. | Read More »

    SCOTUS sides with sanity on GPS tracking

    …and there was much (UNANIMOUS!) rejoicing: Justices say GPS tracker violated privacy rights: The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously ruled that the police violated the Constitution when they placed a Global Positioning System tracking device on a suspect’s car and monitored its movements for 28 days. But the justices divided 5-to-4 on the rationale for the decision, with the majority saying that the problem was | Read More »

    Virginia school indoctrinates students, #occupy-style

    It’s like they’re not even trying anymore: School defends ‘Occupy’ song for 8-year-olds A Virginia school district is defending a song allegedly written and performed by a group of third graders about the Occupy Wall Street movement that conservative bloggers are calling a form of indoctrination. The song, “Part of the 99,” was performed by children at Woodbrook Elementary School in Albemarle County, Virginia. A | Read More »

    In Saudi Arabia, Government-Sponsored Misogyny No Longer Controls Who Can Sell You that Black Lacy Thong

    Since forever, I’ve existed within the realm of the Boy’s Club. To be honest, it’s really not that big of a deal. The view is very nice from where I sit–lots of powerful men in suits. I went into undergrad thinking that I was going to be an engineer; that dream was squashed by the realization that I have a personality. Maybe it was my | Read More »

    Newt on Judicial Reform: Dangerous, Outrageous, and Totally Irresponsible

    I love the law. I am, above most things, an academic. I love almost everything about what I’ve spent every day of the last eight years doing; since entering law school, my appreciation for philosophy and the rule of law has only deepened, in spite of all the late nights, liberal professors, and Red Bull-induced freakouts that occasionally end with me sleeping standing up in | Read More »

    The US Commission on International Religious Freedom is about to lose its funding

    When it comes to religious freedom, Americans don’t have much to worry about…yet. Even so, I’d be willing to say that anyone who has ever come out in defense of true religious freedom in the face of the rampant secularization has experienced at least substantial pushback (if not worse) against their religious beliefs. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re hanging out in a group outnumbered | Read More »

    …and YOU get an internet! And YOU get an internet!!!

    All our tubes are maybe not belong to us completely…or something: A separate internet could curb cyber threats CIVIL LIBERTARIANS, RISE! EXCELSIOR! But seriously: Several lawmakers and the current Cyber Command chief Gen. Keith Alexander are toying with the notion of creating a “.secure” domain where Fourth Amendment rights to privacy are voluntarily foregone in order to keep that corner of the Internet free of | Read More »

    White House Anoints Troll Czar

    One of the joys of my life is reading through comment threads in search of comically inane content. You know what I’m talking about–tripe left by commenters who insist that Obama was born in Kenya during a CIA black-op on the eve of the Rapture. Or something. Internet commentary exists on a continuum, ranging anywhere from “Certifiable Insanity” to “Surprising Veracity.” Much of it exists | Read More »