Primary Rep. John Shimkus? Now Might Be The Time.

    I’ve been walking precincts and helping get candidates elected since I was knee high to a ballot box.  I was doing door to door pollster work before I was even in high school.  I guess politics has always been in my blood. 1996.  John Shimkus was running for Congress.  I met him and was impressed by him.  Good conservative.  Anytime someone would point out what | Read More »

    Yahoo! “Contributor” Phones It In

    I was approached by two members of the Effingham Tea Party Steering Committee today and they asked me if I had seen the article on Yahoo! about the Effingham Tea Party we held on April 15th.  I said no, and they said I really needed to check it out….so I did.  Talk about phoning it in! First, the “contributor” gets the name of our town | Read More »

    What If There Is Nobody To Vote For?

    Scary article in the Decatur-Herald (Decatur, Illinois) today – “Counties struggle to find candidates for local boards”.  This article made me sad, and livid at the same time. There are those of us like Coldwarrior, Loren Heal and others that are relentless at recruiting not only Precinct Committeemen, but also people to run for public office.  Myself, I was just elected to the Effingham City | Read More »

    Rep. Shimkus’ (R-IL) PLA Problem

    Last night, I attended a legislative forum/meet and greet with our area state representatives and state senators (we have 3 a piece for our little gerrymandered county of 34,000).  Also in attendance was our Republican Congressman, John Shimkus of the 19th Illinois Congressional.  The evening started out decent enough – light appetizers, drinks, and idle chitchat.  After the social, the invited attendees gave brief speeches | Read More »

    Astroturf USA: A Tea Party Leader’s Look At The Coffee Party USA “Schism”

    While reading Politico the yesterday, I was surprised to find an article about a schism that has taken place within the Coffee Party USA camp founded by Annabel Park.  And here I thought the Astroturf USA’s cup had run dry; guess I was wrong.  You can view the schism article here.  It is today’s article about yesterday’s article that just made me shake my head | Read More »

    Land of Lincoln or Land of the Lost?

    Exactly what has Illinois become?  In the immortal words of Obi-Wan in Star Wars: Obi-Wan: Mos Eisley spaceport: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.” Though Illinois is obviously no spaceport (though our state debt and deficit is out of this world), it seems to have become the Mos Eisley Cantina bar of the left.  To | Read More »

    Liberals Still Don’t Understand The Tea Parties

    Despite taking historic losses in the last midterm elections and being the focus of countless protests leading up to the midterms, the liberals still don’t understand what the Tea Parties are. I enter into evidence the possibility of a “Tequila Party“. It would seem Latino leaders are not happy with the Democrats not doing enough to push through Dream Act III and are discussing about | Read More »

    Hooverites Want More Taxes

    A group of millionaires have made headlines recently requesting Congress to raise taxes on them.  Many are Democrat donors including such leftist darlings as Ben and Jerry’s founder Ben Cohen. These self-sacrificers say that it is vital to the economy and the nation’s financial help that Congress raise their taxes.  The first question that comes to my mind is why does it take government impetus | Read More »

    New Boss Same As The Old Boss?

    Saul Anuzis announced his intention to run against Michael Steele for RNC Chair the other day.  Part of Anuzis’ campaign for RNC Chair centers around wanting to raise money for a “fully funded Victory program” to ensure that the Republicans win the close races that we didn’t win this year. First, I would like to say that I am not defending Michael Steele in this | Read More »

    What Is It About Years Ending In Zero?

    2000 – Bush v Gore.  After numerous recounts, Supreme Court finally steps in to end the madness. 1980 – Ted Kennedy challenges Jimmy Carter for Democratic nomination, but Kennedy can’t explain why he wants to run for President. 1970 – Indiana Senate race between Richard Roudebush (R) and R. Vance Hartke (D).  Hartke seated by US Surpreme Court, recount took 2 years. 1960 – JFK | Read More »