YEEEEEEEEESSSS! Thank you Joe Biden!!!!

    Now we know for sure.  GOP LANDSLIDE!!!

    Shifting Sands

    Generational upheaval seems to speed up with every passing decade.  Over the last twenty years a seismic shift has occurred in the balance of world power.  A world that was ruled by two massive powers – the United States and the Soviet Union, fractured into multiple pieces.  Today the world is dominated by a reluctant quasi-imperial power in America, and is rapidly turning to new | Read More »

    Paradigm Shift

    Read this article from a powerful and bold writer who has pinpointed the societal paradigm shift of the next half-century. The Western/Pan-Islamic divide is the issue of our time.

    Jihad coming to Mars

    Why don’t we see what is happening?  I fear that many will live to regret their blindness to an enemy that is real and growing.


    The justices of the California Supreme Court made the right decision, and yet much of the reasoning is seriously flawed. It seems that the justices decided that LGBT persons in California already enjoy the benefits of marriage, and that the will of the people regarding the simple word, “marriage,” ultimately should be respected. Implied in the court’s opinion however, is the idea that | Read More »

    More on Liberty University

    As a current LU graduate student I can shed some light on the University’s position towards the College Democrats.   See the following link to Liberty’s website: Many do not realize the restrictions that exist and the standards enforced to ensure the maintenance of a Christian atmosphere on campus.  Many private colleges have started as “Christian” but today are bastions of postmodern liberal thought. Liberty’s | Read More »

    It’s Our Time

    It is time for conservatives and classic liberals to put aside our differences and come together again. It is time to retake this country. When we regain power, we have to hold onto it for fifty years. We have to win generationally. If we don’t it will be the end of the United States of America.

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