President Obama Owes Us Some Straight Talk About Ukraine

    Before World War III starts, it would be kind of nice to get a candid statement from President Obama about what’s been happening in Ukraine. This February 23 report by Radio Free Europe is very interesting.  Basically, it says that the Ukrainian parliament purported to impeach the Ukrainian president in February but without the required review by Ukraine’s Constitutional Court and without the required three-fourths | Read More »

    Babies and Bathwater Yet Again

    Back in the late sixties, a wonderful movement to ensure equal rights for women was picking up steam.   Ultimately, it led to huge and well-deserved strides for women.  There are still some areas that could use improvement, but overall the movement was a huge success. But many supporters of women’s rights developed a sense of moral superiority, and could not resist the temptation to demonize | Read More »

    What’s Governor Christie Doing in the Marriage Cases?

    Today, the Supreme Court of New Jersey issued a preliminary opinion in the gay marriage case Garden State Equality v. Dow, declining to postpone the lower court’s decision while the appeal process continues. It’s mysterious to me why Governor Christie has apparently not yet attempted to remove that gay marriage case to federal court, where it belongs.  There’s an obvious federal question upon which the | Read More »

    Paging McConnell

    he Senate GOP ought to offer to vote for Reid’s rule change, as long as filibusters of judicial nominees are banned as well.  Obama is going to appoint a bunch of dictatorial maniacs to the bench anyway, and the filibuster rule merely allows Democrats to extort the same thing from Republican presidents.

    How Congress Ought to Respond to DOMA Ruling

    In the recent Windsor decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Congress to adopt whatever marriage definition a state adopts.  Thus, a couple that is “married” under the laws of a state will get all the federal benefits of marriage.  I disagree with the Court’s decision, but it does not seem so awful; the decision is left up to each state. But actually there’s a huge | Read More »

    Medical Emergency at Supreme Court: Two Judges Shot in Foot (UPDATED)

    Apparently, judging from the whiffs of federalism in his DOMA opinion, Kennedy would have overturned Walker’s district court opinion in the Prop. 8 case.  But instead of allowing Kennedy to split the baby in half (unlike King Solomon who was merely bluffing), five judges including Roberts and Scalia said the Court had no jurisdiction in the Prop. 8 case.  What with the Obamacare decision, Chief | Read More »

    Judicial Power and the Marriage Cases

    It’s likely that the U.S. Supreme Court will announce its decisions in the gay marriage cases soon, possibly on Thursday.  Don’t expect the statutes in question to survive, though they should.  To me, the California case about gay marriage has always been about free speech and political liberty.  It’s a very easy case to decide correctly, in view of this statement by the California Supreme | Read More »

    Anthony Kennedy on Adolf Hitler

    A few days ago, U. S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy gave an interview with Ray Suarez of  PBS.  The interview is both illuminating (about Kennedy), and depressing.  Here’s a link. Among other things, Kennedy discusses the Nazi-era rule requiring that yellow stars be worn by Jews, which Kennedy says was so awful as to be inconsistent with the “Rule of Law” — meaning that | Read More »

    Silly Season for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

    As you may be aware, the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will soon decide whether to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as constitutional, or not. This statute was signed by Bill Clinton (who has now “evolved” into not only an opponent of DOMA but also a denier of its constitutionality). One of the things that DOMA did was define what the word “marriage” means | Read More »

    Republicans Filibustering Judicial Nominees

    As the Washington Post reported yesterday, Republicans are filibustering an appeals court nominee, Caitlin Halligan. There’s only one way that I could ever support a filibuster like this, and that’s if the filibusterers are supporting a rule change to get rid of judicial nomination filibusters. These are awful for the country, but it’s understandable that Republicans would be doing it now, after Democrats started doing | Read More »

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