Cruz and Rubio Both Flub Question About Filibuster, IMHO

    We have all lost a very great judge in Antonin Scalia.  But remarks from Senators Rubio and Cruz are not encouraging about how Justice Scalia’s seat will be filled. During the recent GOP presidential debate, Marco Rubio said this: [A]ccording to the changes Harry Reid made, appellate judges can now be appointed by simple majority…but not Supreme Court justices. And I think today, you see | Read More »

    How About One Tax Plan for the First Term and Another For the Second?

    Sudden changes in economic policy are generally inadvisable, unless warranted by sudden changes in the economy itself.  This is common sense.  So I am surprised that some of the GOP presidential candidates are proposing huge and sudden changes in federal tax rates on individuals, instead of laying out one plan for their first term and another plan for their second. The plans roughly fall into | Read More »

    Let’s Have Lots of Withdrawals After Iowa Caucus

    The number of GOP presidential candidates remains huge, and I hope that a lot of them will drop out after Iowa.  Otherwise, the non-Trump candidates will only be hurting each other, and the GOP voters will be deprived of a head-to-head race between Trump and a non-Trump.  No votes have been cast yet, so Mike Huckabee has a good point: “Why not rally around me?” | Read More »

    Cruz Should Stay Away from Gold Standard Lunacy

    During one of the presidential debates, said: I think the Fed should get out of the business of trying to juice our economy, and simply be focused on sound money and monetary stability, ideally tied to gold…. That last word (“gold”) is just begging for trouble.  Cruz backers in New Hampshire are planning a million dollar ad buy focusing on the gold standard. In my | Read More »

    Carson is Wonderful, I’d Vote for Him, But He’s Unelectable

    Just thought I’d write this blog post to throw a few thoughts out there and see what others may think…. The frontrunner at this point seems to be Dr. Ben Carson.  Lovely guy, great surgeon, I’d vote for him in a minute over any of the Democratic contenders, but I just think he’s unelectable.  He has said, clear as a bell, that he thinks Darwin’s | Read More »

    Just Get Rid of the Filibuster Entirely

    In the past, I have always supported the ability of a minority of U.S. Senators to filibuster legislation.  But things have now gotten to the point where 41 Senators routinely use it to get anything and everything they want; all they have to do is refuse to fund some important government function like homeland security until they get whatever makes them happy, or whatever makes | Read More »


    Tomorrow (Friday), we will find out whether Greece exits the eurozone, which the media has dubbed “Grexit.”  The crucial meeting will be occurring in Brussels.  Economists are divided about whether a Grexit would be a yawner for the global economy, or will instead make the Lehman Brothers failure look like a picnic. So far, Germany has insisted that Greece must continue to take severe austerity | Read More »

    A Simple Way Out of the Predicament Regarding Nomination Filibusters

    There is currently a big debate among GOP Senators about whether to overturn the Democratic Senators’ recent elimination of most nomination filibusters.  Some in the GOP are concerned that allowing the Democratic Senators’ precedent to stand could endanger filibusters of legislation as well, because the so-called “nuclear option” might be used in the future to completely eliminate the filibuster.  However, many others in the GOP | Read More »

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar on Romney’s Unwise Fib in 2011

    The great basketball player (and actor) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has an essay in Time Magazine this month: “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: American Politicians Are A Greater Threat to Democracy Than ISIS.”  Here’s an excerpt: There’s no shortage of examples of political ads that lie, but one of the most memorable came from the Mitt Romney presidential campaign in 2011 in which they showed a clip of Barack Obama | Read More »

    Let’s Get a SOFA and a Congressional Resolution Before Increasing Attacks Upon ISIS in Iraq

    President Obama recently said this about a status of forces agreement (SOFA):  “What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision. Under the previous administration, we had turned over the country to a sovereign, democratically elected Iraqi government. So let’s just be clear: The reason that we did not have a follow-on | Read More »

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