What Romney Oughta Do About Obama’s Immigration Edict

So far, Governor Romney has not said whether he would cancel Obama’s recent order offering work permits to at least 800,000 illegal aliens. Instead, Romney has said he wants a more comprehensive solution, which is fine as far as it goes. For whatever it’s worth, my advice would be as follows.

First, Romney ought to say that he would like to find out whether the courts think the edict is lawful. If so, then obviously that would increase the chance that he could support something like it. But he doubts that it’s legal.

Second, Romney could point out that the 30-year-old cutoff seems arbitrary, and a 21-year-old cutoff (or no cutoff at all) would seem more logical in terms of reaching adulthood. We typically don’t discriminate between adults based upon age.

Third, there is a risk that the program could be abused, and so he would require that any applicant have the burden of presenting clear proof of eligibility.

Fourth, President Obama has failed to address the issue in a comprehensive way, for example by supporting measures to ensure that employers do not hire people who are subject to deportation. That would be a prerequisite to supporting the new program, because otherwise the new program would serve as a magnet for more people to short-circuit the process of legal immigration.

Those are my suggestions. Maybe Romney is wise to say as little as possible, but it seems like something more is expected.

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