Huckabee for Veep

Mike Huckabee has great communications skills, he has lots of executive experience as Governor of Arkansas, he’s very popular among the more conservative parts of the GOP, he knows a lot about the rigors of presidential campaigns, he’s smart, congenial, and could bring a lot to the ticket. He could also step in very effectively as president.

One of his previous careers was as a baptist minister, and people who think there should be an ironclad separation between government and anything remotely religious might be upset. Of course, that would have also disqualified several other presidents and vice-presidents, including James Madison (a former divinity student) and James Garfield (a former minister). More recently, Democratic presidential candidates Jerry Brown and Al Gore both studied for the priesthood (at a Jesuit seminary and Vanderbilt Divinity School respectively), and then there’s Rev. Jesse Jackson.

There are lots of other very qualified Veep candidates, including Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, Rob Portman, and others. Huckabee is at the top of my list though.

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