Beth Myers Tweets

Beth Myers is heading the VP search for Governor Romney.  And she seems to have tweeted the final contenders.  They are: @robportman @bobmcdonnell @CondoleezzaRice @johnthune @Gov_Martinez @RickSantorum, @KellyAyotte @timpawlenty @GovChristie @BobbyJindal @marcorubio @RepPaulRyan @NewtGingrich.

Well, since my favorite, Mike Huckabee is not to be found on this list, I will have to go with Marco Rubio.  Honorable, young, likable, experienced, Floridian, bilingual, smart, good communications skills, endorsed by Jeb and Rudy for VP, Tea Party favorite, pro-life, family decided not to move back to Cuba due to Castro, not rich, a team player, winner of underdog races.  Sounds very good.

UPDATE (July 28): Rubio’s also been cleared of wrongdoing in a credit card matter.

UPDATE #2 (July 29): Former VP Cheney said today about the Palin selection: “Based on her background–she had only been governor for, what, two years–I don’t think she passed that test of being ready to take over….And I think that was a mistake.” This is a valid point, and it weighs more in favor of someone like Bobby Jindal or Tim Pawlenty than Marco Rubio, though Rubio has had substantially more government experience than Palin had.

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