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    Do We Still Need Republicans? (Closed)

    (Third party discussions are not permitted on Redstate.  The comments on this diary have been closed.) I hope there is someone out there that can tell me I’m wrong.  I hope there is someone who can convince me that the GOP in the House and Senate will act as the last line of defense for conservative values.  I want to believe they will hold the | Read More »

    NFL Player Celebrated for Killing Girlfriend

    This weekends brutal murder /suicide by NFL player Jovan Belcher has shocked many people.  I’m sure by Sunday there were a number of people talking about some sort of memorial for the young couple taken by this savage act.  But let’s not gloss over the fact that this act of savagery was performed by Jovan Belcher, and Jovan Belcher only.  He is said to have | Read More »

    An Israeli Wildcard?

    A friend and I were discussing Israel and Iran tonight.  It went something like this: Friend:  “What could Israel do to stop Iran’s nuclear program without the same Israeli body count an airstrike is going to produce?” Me:  {after great and careful consideration} “I don’t know” Friend:  “What if instead of a strike on the nuclear facility, they’re planning a strike on the political AND | Read More »

    Book Notes: Conclusion

    This weeks entry marks the end of our reading of New Deal or Raw Deal by Burt Folsom, Jr.  I felt like this book was very timely and had many points we should consider today.  I had read about FDR before, and had a pretty low opinion of him.  However, this book lowered that opinion further still. I get the feeling FDR was primarily concerned | Read More »

    Book Notes: What FDR Could Have Done.

    This weeks post is going to be short and sweet.  With our current recession showing more negative signs each week, I thought Chapter 15 had some useful advice for today’s leaders.  In this chapter, Mr. Folsom looks at some of the things FDR should have done to get the United States out of the Great Depression.  Two of those things stand out above the rest | Read More »

    Book Notes: Character of the President

    I thought chapter 14 of this weeks reading was very interesting.  In it, Mr. Folsom chronicles many of the lies FDR told to the public and to members of his own party while in office. FDR was guilty of using the same lies that we hear politicians use today.  For example, in 1932, Roosevelt promised to balance the budget.  He even made balancing the budget | Read More »

    Book Notes: The Sword of the IRS

    “My father,” Elliott Roosevelt observed of his famous parent, “may have been the originator of the concept of employing the IRS as a weapon of political retribution.” This is the first line from this week’s reading of New Deal or Raw Deal.  I am going to spend my time today talking about FDR employing the IRS to silence dissent within the United States.  I’ve heard | Read More »

    Book Notes:The Minimum Wage Law

    I am going to spend some time on my soap box this week.  I have always been against the minimum wage law, and this weeks reading has only reinforced that. This weeks reading of New Deal or Raw Deal? included a discussion of FDR’s push for a minimum wage.  FDR citied the need for the poor to have more money.  If businesses were required to | Read More »

    An Update on Red State Book Notes

    I would normally post my thoughts here on the recent readings in New Deal or Raw Deal by Folsom.  However, I haven’t finished this weeks reading so I am going to put this off until next Sunday.  If you were better than me and finished the reading, feel free to post your comments here. On a different note, this is going to  be the last | Read More »

    Book Notes: The Dangers of Federal Charity

    I thought this weeks reading serves as a very good warning to the dangers of the federal government getting involved in charities.  Mr. Folsom was looking back at the New Deal, but I believe we could apply lessons form the New Deal to today’s debate on federal spending. First, federal charity retards private charity.  If individuals are taxed so that the federal government can provide | Read More »