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    The Take on the Final Days

    Been a while since I posted here instead of responding. Is Romney winning?  I think he is.  If not, Romney/Ryan has all the momentum.  A few short weeks ago, the talk was that it was all over, Obama was winning in a landslide, and the Republicans need to put their toys away and wait til next time. Obama can still win in a landslide.  Because | Read More »

    Why I’m Still Skeptical of the Republican Party

    Aside from Pennsylvania, the two Senate races I was most interested in were Nevada and Delaware.  I wanted to see Christine O’Donnell tighten the gap to make it competitive, and I was sure that Harry Reid would be fired.  instead, O’Donnell lost by nearly 20 points to a fool with no real understanding of the Constitution, and I’m still left wondering what underhanded tactics Harry | Read More »

    Dear Mike Castle and GOP Establishment: Go Fly a Kite

    Earlier today, I heard reports that the NRSC would not be supporting Christine O’Donnell.  Those reports now seem false, and I’m glad that there is now support being shown for her by Washington Republicans not named Jim DeMintt. On another note, I have a message for Mike Castle and the rest of any other Washington Republicans and establishment types thumbing their noses at the likes | Read More »

    What the Hell is Happening in Nevada?

    From CNN: Jon Ralston, host of “Face to Face,” used Thursday’s broadcast as a platform to air a grievance with Angle after a campaign spokesman canceled a debate that her deputy campaign manager had agreed to only hours before. “Earlier today Sharron Angle’s campaign agreed to accept our invitation to debate Harry Reid on ‘Face to Face’ in an hour-long live broadcast from Reno on | Read More »

    Ben Nelson Begins his Makeover to Try to Save his Job

    Meet Ben Nelson (D-NE), fiscally conservative Democrat. At least that what he wants Nebraska voters to think. No doubt, Ben Nelson will use his “no” vote on unemployment benefits extension when he runs again in 2012.  The reason he voted against extending benefits? From In this week’s votes, Nelson insisted that Democrats find a way to pay for the extension of benefits. He said | Read More »

    While John Kerry Wants you to Pay Higher Taxes, he Finds a Way to Avoid Paying $500,000……in Taxes!

    I remember the 2004 election like it was the day before yesterday (with the 2008 election being yesterday).  Remember how John Kerry and his liberal supporters were unhinged at the jaw about the Bush’s “tax cuts for the wealthy?”  That’s an argument we’ll here for many years now, and the GOP will long be labeled as the “rich person’s party,” but this might interest those | Read More »

    Your Taxpayer Dollars Hard at Work…to Fly Bo to Maine?

    I’m a dog lover; I have a seven month old black lab puppy that our entire family has fallen in love with.  He never leaves our sides and I can’t really imagine life without him as part of our family.  I know the vast majority of dog owners feel the same way about their four legged friends.  With all that being said, I found an | Read More »

    So, What’s YOUR Obesity Rating?

    Remember when Nancy Pelosi said that the healthcare bill needed to be passed so we can all find out what’s in it?  Well, get ready for this one.  From – New federal regulations issued this week stipulate that the electronic health records–that all Americans are supposed to have by 2014 under the terms of the stimulus law that President Barack Obama signed last | Read More »

    Obama Hits the Links on the Day of Kaczynski’s Funeral for 32nd Round of Golf….Outrage, Anyone?

    I have no problem with President Obama not flying to Poland because of the volcanic ash situation.  I won’t claim to be a scientist on the matter like Al Gore would, won’t claim to say the ash cloud wouldn’t affect an airplane, and wouldn’t say missing the funeral because of the situation is thumbing his nose yet again at our allies.  However, there is one | Read More »

    Ben Nelson Finally Caves….

    From WASHINGTON – With a self-imposed Christmas deadline at stake, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid engineered a last-minute compromise that has won the support of the lone Democratic holdout and clinched the required 60 votes to pass a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. health care system. Marathon negotiations with the White House and Senate Democratic leaders produced fresh concessions that will mean additional abortion | Read More »