What are YOU looking forward to in the Romney Presidency?

    Newt messed up the debates, Santorum will take at least four more years to visit all the counties of Florida, and Ron Paul is still Ron Paul. It’s time to build up the enthusiasm for the general! So here’s my list of eight conservative accomplishments for eight years with Romney: 1. The deficit will be slashed in half, after the repeal of the investment income | Read More »

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    Newt hits it out of the ballpark, creates Obama-destroying weapon

    All of TV and the blogosphere were abuzz today with discussion of Newt’s immigration proposal. The initial take of commentators was that Newt had an excellent debate night, and then slipped near the end and possibly destroyed his campaign. Even Rush this morning said that the proposal had potential and it’s too bad Newt didn’t work out the details before blurting it out. And then, | Read More »

    Me and my cool cat Mittens

    My cool cat Mittens is quite a character. Some of my friends say he used to sound like a donkey. Others think he looks like a rhino. Now I know y’all will think I’m crazy, but Mittens actually talks to me: as far as he’s concerned, he’s always been nothing but a big fat elephant. Oh, the stories Mittens and I have! One summer we | Read More »

    The borking of Qaddafi, the imminent genocide that wasn’t, and Obama’s reelection campaign

    With Obama’s kick-start of his reelection campaign today, the secret recipe he’s been following for the last three weeks has been revealed at last, and let me tell you that it’s not pretty. I’ve done a good deal of research into this (lots of facts below), and it basically boils down to: 1) Find a guy nobody really likes. 2) Twist his words and smear | Read More »

    Where are the “mass graves”, Mr. President?

    According to President Obama’s speech tonight, the one overwhelming reason for the Libyan intervention is that he “refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves”. Normally, this should be an unfalsifiable argument, and that’s probably what the President aimed for when he made it the rhetorical centerpiece of his speech. It’s not that different from his support for the notorious “stimulus” policies, | Read More »

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    Poor tactics, poor strategy: why this hawk is against Obama’s war

    I’m a defense hawk and proud of it. I can recite the major events of WW2 and the Civil War forwards and backwards. I believe in spreading democracy and I believe that our armed forces are a great force for good in today’s world. I cheered when we went into Afghanistan, and double cheered when we toppled Saddam. But I can’t cheer for Libya. It’s | Read More »

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