Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Jerk (see I know how to get attention, too!)

    When I was in college my brother told me that there was a guy on talk radio that I had to listen to, he was amazed to hear someone actually state conservative ideas on the air. I listened a lot to Rush Limbaugh. It was so fun to hear someone state what I had been thinking all these years. I laughed when he would demolish | Read More »

    Conservation Tip for President Obama

    President Obama, We all know how important the environment is to you and your administration.  No sacrifice is too great.   Gas prices can continue to skyrocket– who cares?– as long as you save an almost endangered lizard.   And the trade-off between getting that plague, carbon, out of the air or having a growing economy — not even a tough decision. But here’s a | Read More »

    Stop, Look and Listen– or Sarah P. and six things we can maybe agree on

    Cool night, maybe the start of something really good!  Not so much in my state, but we can enjoy other people’s good fortune. Meanwhile… Erik has already been talking about Sarah P. before the election and I’m going to jump in before I wake up and discover that the Republican nominee has been chosen for me while I sleep.  I’ve tried to find things that | Read More »

    So it’s Sotomayor; another liberal who can save us

    Not too much of a surprise–  although a few political writers have noted that with the Obama’s selection criteria would have made Paula Abdul an equally good a choice. Sotomayor’s New Haven firefighters decision is so scary, and in my mind it mostly speaks to conservatives’ inability to communicate ideas to the masses effectively.  Any educated person would realize that it is unconstitutional to favor | Read More »