It’s time once again for Pigs in Space!

    There’s a lot of hand wringing and ink being spilled currently over President Obama’s new realignment of NASA’s goals from space exploration as an example of American exceptionalist ingenuity to subservient babysitter of the delusional Muslim ego and its claims of aiding and advancing civilization. Don’t ask me when mining ancient ruins for architectural elements, ripping off Indian numerical script, plagiarizing the best minds of | Read More »

    This Chick Does Flicks: Alice In Wonderland

    With all the feel of a 21st Century, living color, high tech reinterpretation of Arthur Rackham’s Alice In Wonderland illustrations with LSD flashbacks courtesy of Timothy Leary, Director Tim Burton’s masterpiece movie, Alice In Wonderland, furthers Alice’s adventure storyline in a manner that even her originator, Lewis Carroll, would find appealing…weird but appealing. However, a word of caution here: Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is a | Read More »

    If Dr. Seuss looked at Obama, oh the things he’d see!

    In celebration of the National Association of Education’s yearly “Read Across America” project, which started Tuesday, March 2, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared at the Library of Congress and read to a select group of youngsters Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s story, The Cat In the Hat. Her choice was appropriate enough considering that Tuesday also marked the good doctor’s birthday, who would have been 106 | Read More »

    KSFO 560-AM fires conservative talk show host Lee Rodgers for refusing to sugarcoat Islam

    On Thursday morning, February 18th, with one minute left of his popular San Francisco Bay Area early morning talk show on KSFO 560-AM, veteran radio host and dedicated conservative, Lee Rodgers, received his pink slip without warning for refusing to. “…say nice things about Muslims.” Rodgers, a 25 year veteran of ABC Radio and a 15 year veteran at KSFO with his highly rated and | Read More »

    Falklands doin’ the déjà vu shuffle

    It may be hard to hear the drum of War beating over the hip-humping bleating of Lady Gaga but Britain just got a shot across its territorial bow once again by Argentina asserting control of all shipping between the contested Falklands and the Argentina coast. Argentina President Cristina Kirchner’s declaration of shipping lane control on Tuesday, February 16 constitutes the first steps towards a naval | Read More »

    French to buy the White Cliffs of Dover from UK Labour government

    Staggering under a national debt of £830billion ($1.245 trillion) for a nation only about the size of California with a population about twice that state’s, the UK’s Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is selling off its hard asset Dover Port to its historical arch-enemy, France, in a benighted attempt at debt reduction through privatization. Although the UK already has sold off its other major ports | Read More »

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

    Over the years I’ve always made sure to purchase the September issue of Vogue and did so for more decades than I care to admit. I finally dropped Vogue in favor of Harper’s Bazaar when women of my age started disappearing from Vogue’s acknowledgement as savvy fashion consumers to be replaced with fashion-masquerading pro-leftist commentary. The conspicuous consumption and luxury-addicted Vogue never did catch on | Read More »

    Supermarket bans PJs and bare feet

    On the Culture Wars front, the British supermarket chain, Tescos, struck a blow for sartorial dignity in its St. Mellons in Cardiff, Wales branch by posting a “Customer Dress Code Policy” banning shoppers coming in clad in pajamas, barefoot and/or both. Signs saying, “To avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others we ask that our customers are appropriately dressed when visiting our store (footwear must | Read More »

    A Sneak Peek At Barry Obama’s Year End Grade School Report Card

    Punahou School Report Card – 1979 Name: Barry Obama Performance Effort Reading: Daydreams in class and affects strange cadence when reading out loud. D D- English: Absolutely hopeless as a writer and needs constant help in stringing together even the most basic of sentences. Failed the Public Speaking section for being too dependent on notes, refusing to make eye contact or to engage the audience | Read More »

    Coakley bodyguard’s Beer Hall Push prime example of Democratic thuggery

    Upon leaving a Democratic fundraiser at a bar in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday evening, January 12th, Massachusetts Attorney General and Senatorial candidate Martha Coakley received what may be a fatal body blow to her campaign when her bodyguard pushed hard to the sidewalk an accredited Weekly Standard reporter, John McCormack, for daring to ask tough and probing questions when he had the chance. The bodyguard | Read More »

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