A Declaration from Dependance

    In 1776 our founders risked their lives and fortunes in disbanding from a despotic form of government to formally establish a Declaration of Independence which for the first time in history declared for all to see and hear that all men are created equal under God.
    The government that these brave men chose to rebel against has long since past into the annals of history however, it does garnish many of the same characteristics of our modern day Federal Government and progressive political philosophies. Philosophies that promise of utopia if only we relinquish more control and liberties over to the new aristocracy and to the nanny state.

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    Ted Cruz Stands Tall – The Media Attacks

    The ruling class and the main stream media are pulling out all of the stops in an attempt to discredit and defame the tenacious Senator from Texas Ted Cruz in light of his recent attempt to bring overwhelming public concerns over the negative impact that the Affordable Care Act is currently having and will increasing have on the American fiscal climate, as well as the | Read More »

    If I were a newly elected “Conservative” Republican my agenda would be….

      If I were a newly elected “Conservative” Republican my agenda would be…. *First and Foremost concentrate on National Security and anti-terrorism / Border Security and illegal immigration. (largest real physical threat to American Citizens). *Second, economy and entitlements. Start by making the Bush tax cuts permanent, then introduce additional tax cuts for small business. (boost both job creation and consumer confidence). *Next, roll up | Read More »

    The Sherrod Charade: She’s a racist… No, she was a racist… Wait, she’s still a racist!

    The oddity that has become the recent flap that surrounds the alleged misfiring of Shirley Sherrod, an agriculture department official, who was video taped a year ago discussing her past sentiments toward white farmers, is utterly astounding. The video obtained and released by Breitbart is a brief clip of a forty-five minute speech where Mrs. Sherrod stated that she had used race in the past | Read More »

    The Racist Race to November

    Race politics has reared its ugly head once again in America and is now in forefront confronting Americans more and more on a daily bases, thanks to our ‘post-racial’ president who has failed miserably to mend the racial divide amongst citizens of this country but, rather is driving a wedge in it by painting illegal immigration as a ‘civil rights’ issue.  All the while, not | Read More »

    State Funds Cut and Liberal Lament

    My recent Township newsletter reads something like a rant against state aid cuts and repeatedly laments the state of the economy and our local finances.  We are led to believe that the 20% increase in health insurance, $47,504 increase in pension payments, $31,000 increase in trash collection cost just appeared overnight and that these costs are mandatory and must be adhered to without accepting responsibility for | Read More »

    Local Government-Run Media: The Spin and Economic Policy

    State Government officials have begun to implement the illusion that is their version of economic fixes.  It is proposed that local government be allowed to impose its own income and sales taxes as an effort to reduce property taxes and reduce state funds that go to these towns.  A move that would cause the fight of business from many towns in the state out of | Read More »

    An Informed Electorate and Change to Come

    The year 2009 has been an active and propitious year not only for my local Township but also for the State of New Jersey as well as the Nation. We have witnessed the uprising of local voters and the American public in the sweeping rejection of liberal democrat governing polices at all levels of government. Elections won by the republican ticket, most notably the gubernatorial elections of | Read More »

    Is Your Front Lawn Really “Your” Front Lawn?

    It is the rationally logical assessment to believe that when one owns something they in turn have forbearance over what it is that they own.  This would normally be the case, except if you happen to own a house with a “front lawn” in East Greenwich Township NJ, where you are currently under attack by local officials who feel it is within their constitutional rights | Read More »

    Like to have a Yard Sale?

    When it comes to yard sales my township says feel free to have a yard sale however you must first get a permit to do so, you must wait until 8am, and you can only have two yard sales per year. On what grounds dose any official or committee have the authority to mandate how often and what time of day one can, on their | Read More »