Why I love the fiscal cliff

      Well first of all, it’s not really a cliff so lets get that out of the way. Contrary to what most people may think, as a small business owner I would gladly remit my tax payment to Uncle Sam based on the tax code set to go into effect on January first in exchange for the peace of mind that would come from a | Read More »

    Time to stop blaming Limbaugh

    One of the most interesting developments in the aftermath of the Romney loss is the circular firing squad that has formed as conservatives and consultants lay blame at the feet of others. I have yet to hear anybody of any stature that was involved in the loss accept any accountability for what should have been a slam dunk on Election Day. At the heart of | Read More »

    Time to just go for the Jugular

    As we all sit and ponder how to flip 60,000 votes in Ohio, Colorado and Virginia and 30,000 voters in Florida I can’t help but pose a question in my first diary post here at red state: Is it possible to actually change the minds of 1.2 million Californian’s and thereby completely upend the electoral map? Before you cast me off as completely displaced from | Read More »