Obamacare architect AGAIN calls Americans “stupid”

    You can’t make this stuff up… A THIRD video showing the Obamacare mastermind disparaging the intelligence of the American people has surfaced, courtesy of The Daily Caller: In this video, Jonathan Gruber – otherwise known as the MIT professor who has been making the rounds on MSNBC trying to sap sympathy from his snotty, liberal elitist buddies – outlines his plan to hoodwink the | Read More »

    Harry Reid on helping a child with cancer: “Why would we want to do that?”

    …and here I thought Democrats actually cared about the health of Americans with their endless defense of the train-wreck known as Obamacare. Take a good look (and listen), fellow conservatives. THIS is what Republicans will be surrendering to if they don’t out-tough the Democrat Party:

    Let Obama and the Democrats OWN the Fiscal Cliff

    Fellow conservatives, it is really not in my nature to be a doomsayer. I generally like to think the best about the country and its future because, by and large, we have really great people keeping her afloat amidst really tough economic times. But I have come to a conclusion regarding the impending Fiscal Cliff…a conclusion that cannot be avoided or contradicted in any way, | Read More »

    Congratulations, American Voting Public…Here Is What YOU Voted For Yesterday

    Four more years. That’s what the American voting public just handed Barack Obama. You voters in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania and beyond…TAKE A BOW…this is what you have just handed the rest of America: 1. Obamacare…now cemented into law, affirmed by that idiot John Roberts, will begin to creep into our lives like a stalker in the night. For working Americans, | Read More »

    Indiana Hoosiers STAMPEDE To The Voting Stations On Election Day

    WOW…and to think some on our side doubt where today is heading. Radio stations here in the Hoosier State are reporting massive Election Day turnout, even as early voting was thought to be down from 2008. For those keeping count: The Obama people were counting on large numbers of early voters to cushion the fall when Election Day rolled around. In reality, that didn’t happen…not | Read More »

    THIS is What the Unhinged Left Looks Like on the Eve of an Historic Election Loss

    …and it couldn’t have been delivered by a more delicious source: the left’s own economics darling, NYT columnist and Nobel Laureate, Paul “the world as it should be, not reality” Krugman: HEADLINE: You’re Stupid If You Think It’s Close Yes…that’s right…the “great” Paul Krugman, writing for the New York Times, is calling anyone who thinks the election doesn’t currently reflect an impending Obama blowout | Read More »

    Michael Graham NAILS IT in the Boston Herald Today (SPOILER ALERT: Obama is FINISHED)

    Very few (even those writing from a perspective of reason and reality) capture precisely where the 2012 presidential election is headed when November 6 arrives. Michael Graham, writing a poignant piece for the Boston Herald, hit a grand slam today: Forget about the biased, inaccurate polling coming from the left. Skew the sampling +9 REPUBLICAN in Ohio and Romney wins that state by 10-12 | Read More »

    CBS News/NYT Poll: Romney Leading Independents by 12 Points

    As Captain America said, I can do this all day… Another day, another skewed poll we get to shoot holes into. This time, it’s the CBS News/NYT poll: Total respondents: 898 Democrat sample: 321 (36%) Republican sample: 242 (27%) Independent sample: 335 (37%) For liberals trolling RedState, that’s a 9-point Dem over-sampling count. Romney wins Independents by TWELVE (12) POINTS…wins on the economy, the deficit, | Read More »

    ABC/WaPo Poll: Romney Leads Independents by 10%

    Oh sure, I know…that won’t be the headline of the most recent ABC/WaPo poll. The headline will be 49-49 tie. What the news accompanying the poll also won’t tell you is the following (verbatim from the poll transcript): “Partisan divisions in this survey, Democrats-Republicans-independents, are 35-28-34 percent among likely voters.” “Independents are customarily a more changeable group, as they’re less anchored by partisanship. They now | Read More »

    (NOT) BREAKING: Obama leads in OH Poll Where Dems are MASSIVELY Over-Sampled

    I’m sorry…I refuse to allow phony polls to sweep the narrative away from an increasingly-likely humiliating (and necessary) Obama defeat in a little less than two weeks. There is just too much at stake to allow the media and biased pollsters to sway swing voters with their misleading polling results. Time magazine released on OH poll today showing Obama winning Ohio 49-44. What the headline, | Read More »