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    Rate Shock!!!!

    Where is the affordable healthcare??? Here are today’s rates starting 01/01/14! Catastrophic/Bronze plan available in GA for family monthly premium of $613.00 and a family deductible of $12,600 annually—-or a measely $19,956 for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente $446 monthly and $12,700 family deductible, and CIGNA $679 per month and $12,200 annual family deductible!

    Currency War, Amnesty, Stagflation,=World War

    Ahh ingredients! Want to bake a cake? You need the right ingredients. Let’s take a look at what we have in the proverbial fridge: 1. Currency War===G20 meets to attempt to stabilize world printing presses but the plan goes nowhere. The US Federal Reserve is pumping $45B a month, Japan devaluing the Yen, the EU developing their doomsday bailout/recapitalization for their banks. 2. Stagflation–due to | Read More »

    2% cuts? What IF???

    Seems as if every Demoncrat is going bonkers over sequestration. I for one am loving it. Hopefully, the Repubs will look at this outcome, grow a spine, and do it again repeatedly. Use the tactics implemented by the left (whack-a-mole) and put more cuts in the budget that can’t be undone by political elites. It can only help the Repubs if they do it. Obama | Read More »

    Hit them Hard and Hit them Now

    Seems like the D.C. Repubs are at a loss for direction. The MSM has boxed them in and like lemmings they are charging full speed ahead over the cliff to their extinction. WHY????? 1. MSM’s influence over low information voters??? 2. Hollywood desensitizing???? 3. Public education ruled by unions bent on their own benefit versus the students???? The list goes on but what do we | Read More »

    Here comes the Obama push for Gun Control

    Really bad day–18 kids ages 5-10 died in CT today!. Unfortunately, the MSM and Obama administration will seek to use this event along with other recent events to push for Gun Control instead of laying the blame squarely at the feet of the shooter(s). Watch for politicians pushing for Assault Weapons ban, and buying up ammo through government agencies as a back door way of | Read More »

    Cont. Goals for 2014 and Beyond–Confronting the Media Palace Guards

    To elaborate more on the media side of things and why it is important to capture and own the education delivery mechanism of America (I know its contrary to school choice but TV/Pop Culture educates more people than school and that is sad) so we need to own it, manage it’s content, and most importantly take the high ground away from the Democrats (the strategic kind | Read More »

    Goals for 2014 and beyond

    So we got slobber knocked at the national level. We want to change that but sit back and ponder what went wrong instead of what went right. We have 30 governors of 30 states and that’s a heck of start for 2014. As conservatives in these states we need to push for 4 things: 1. Drug testing for welfare benefits 2. Stop collecting union dues | Read More »

    Applying for a research grant to study FUBAR

    In an effort to recapture the taxes I have paid and the ones I will have to pay, I have decided to apply for a federal grant. I plan on researching FUBAR (Feeling Under appreciated By American Reprobates). I will request a grant for $100K recurring indefinitely because it is a long-term study. If you would like to participate in the study please notify your elected | Read More »

    Why We Lost and What We Can Do

    OK everyone is looking for the answers and looking to place blame! Here it is in a nutshell! 1. Message and Strategy a. We will fix the economy but we did not discuss HOW! b. We will reduce/simplify the tax code but did not discuss HOW! c. We nominated and believed in a blue/purple state state Republican to carry our mantle. d. We failed to | Read More »

    Chess Master v/s the Chumps

    Believe it or not Chief Justice John Roberts did us a huge favor! 1.  His opinion curtailed the power of the Commerce Clause 2.  His opinion upheld States Rights with the opt out provison for Medicaid 3.  He defined the penalty as a tax so Obama has raised taxes on the middle class and we can run with that all day. 4.  His opinion will/has | Read More »