I have been writing about politics in Georgia since 2008. I have lived in Georgia since 1995 and have worked in a multitude of grassroots efforts and campaigns throughout Georgia.


    The CPAC Aftermath

    I listened to as many speeches as I could stomach during CPAC this past weekend, perched at my chair in Bloggers’ Row. I would say that the CPAC attendees had found their candidate, if my ears were correct. The straw poll didn’t fall in line with that though. I thought Rick Santorum has the highest response from any of the three candidates, with Gingrich and | Read More »

    Well, now what?

    We may soon come to the point – less than two weeks, potentially – where the nomination contest will be all but over. Without any sort of comeback by Rick Perry,  or continued momentum by Rick Santorum, or a return to good graces for the campaign of Newt Gingrich, we may be looking at Mitt Romney sealing the deal on a nomination on March 6, | Read More »

    New Plan…Same As the Old Plan

    In 2009, President Obama proposed a stimulus program that was supposed to keep unemployment below 8% via massive government spending and the creation of three to four million jobs. Instead, the $830 billion spending boondoggle known as the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan” created almost no jobs as unemployment shot to 10% and the total measure of under-employed shot over 18%. It appears that the | Read More »

    Buffett Bails Out Bank of America with Billions

    Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway pumped billions of dollars into GE and Goldman Sachs to keep them afloat. At the same time, he advocated the passage of TARP in October 2008 to bail out banks and firms to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars – a large portion of which is still outstanding today, despite press releases touting the payback of funds. Buffett appears | Read More »

    It’s too late for Sarah

    August 13 may have been a momentous day for Rick Perry’s campaign, when he officially announced his campaign for president. However, it might have been the final day of any realistic shot for a winning Sarah Palin campaign. Prior to Perry’s entry, enthusiasm about the current field could be described as lukewarm at best. While Romney was the clear front-runner, it’s difficult to describe his | Read More »

    New Georgia Maps Threaten Barrow

    The newest maps for Georgia’s congressional delegation have been released, and one thing is obvious from a quick glance at the maps: John Barrow is in serious trouble. The 12th District representative, and one of the few remaining alleged “blue dogs” in the House is going to see a lot of the Obama-friendly portions of his district moved to other representatives. As population has decreased | Read More »

    #1013bomb Aftermath – My Picks

    Tonight, helped by the folks here at RedState, Hot Air, and other respectable right-leaning folks, a drive was held over Twitter to draw attention to conservative candidates who could really use some help in the last three weeks of this campaign. I took part as well, and I’m sure I ticked off my more liberal followers on twitter with the #1013bomb hashtag coming through repeatedly | Read More »