Ron Hera–There Was Gold Buried at the Vancouver Resource Conference–01-23-2012

    Ron Hera and I are live on the floor at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. There were over 500 companies exhibiting and Ron says that in 5 years, half of them won’t exist. Ron explains that for a mining venture to be successful you need three things, experienced management with a track record, a property with decent ore grade and proximity to good infrastructure. Of | Read More »

    Gold Rush 2012–Are You Going to Cash In? Kirsty Hogg–01-22-2012

    At the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, I caught up with an old friend of the show Kirsty Hogg. Kirsty’s a gold bull and well known blogger about precious metals and protecting your wealth against the coming economic tsunami. Together we reviewed hundreds of different mining companies and went to a number of well informed company and market presentations. While we may not agree on every | Read More »

    Triple Lutz Report–When it Comes to Gold Ron/Newt Matter–Episode 153

    Less than a week ago, we questioned Ron Paul’s real impact upon the issues being discussed in the never ending series of debates that have left every American shaking his/her head. If the candidates were celebrities, their PR staff would have warned them against getting over exposed to their market. And as politics is often referred to as, Hollywood for the Ugly, you really have | Read More »

    John Butler is Predicting a Golden Revolution-Are You Ready?–01-18-2012

    John Butler’s upcoming book, The Golden Revolution could be a blockbuster. Unlike many of today’s commentators and newsletter writers, John goes the extra mile and dares to see a world where fiat currencies have gone the way of the phonograph record. He’s certain that plans are currently afoot to implement a new metallic money standard. It’s clear that US monetary policy, besides being an abject failure, is | Read More »

    Peter Grandich Sees Where The Markets Are Headed And He’s Going For The Gold–01-17-2012

    Peter Grandich joins us for the first time today to discuss what’s going on with oil & gas, precious metals, and the stock market. Peter has been writing his newsletter for many years, and his biggest present concern is US debt. He describes the US as being in an eye of the storm–we’ve had the first wave and the back end, which is always worse, is rapidly | Read More »

    Triple Lutz Report–Sydney Phillips Shows You How To Get Food Stamps Without Really Trying–Episode 151

    Sydney Phillips of shows you how to get food stamps without really trying. She’s a college student who was conducting a social experiment on how difficult, or as it turns out easy, it is to get food stamps, now known as an EBT Card. She goes through the motions, not really complying with the necessary steps, failing to provide required earnings data and winds | Read More »

    Triple Lutz Report–Airline Expert: Charge Passengers By The Pound–Episode 148

    The former chief economist of Quantas Airlines believes the super-sized set is costing airlines way too much. He claims heavier passengers are costing an additional $472 per flight, in added fuel costs. His solution, charge passengers by the pound. If you’re above average in weight, you pay a price for each additional pound. Not that he’s going to give supermodels discounts even though they’re “saving” | Read More »

    Gold is Approaching The Next New High-Are You Ready?–01-12-12

    Gary Wagner stopped by the show today to explain why technical analysis along with a fundamental grasp of the underlying economic trends and issues gives us the best understanding of where gold and silver are heading. He is quite sure that the vicious precious metals correction has run its course and that we are now witnessing a new upward leg in the precious metals/commodities super-bull | Read More »

    In Just 48 Days You Could Be Doing The Work You Love–01-12-12

    Dan Miller, internationally renown life coach and author of many books proves you only need 48 days to do the work you love and were meant to do. As he says, “Our mission at 48 Days is to foster the process of imagining, dreaming and introspection, to help people find their calling and true path, and to translate that into meaningful, purposeful and profitable daily | Read More »

    Bob Chapman on MF Global–Will Investors really get their Money Back?–01-12-11

    The International Forecaster joins us again, this week for our bi-weekly chat. Bob and I discuss the gold and silver New Year’s take-off. We touch upon the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s review and investigation of the CME group. The C.F.T.C.’s has been tasked with looking into the leading causes of the MF Global failure. Check out a great interview Bob posted about this at Most of | Read More »