Cherilyn Eagar and other challengers to Bob Bennett discuss international trade

    Cherilyn Eagar and other challengers to Bob Bennett discuss international trade. Free trade or Fair Trade. You decide. Free Trade isn’t free if it isn’t fair _______________________________________________________________ Cherilyn Eagar for U.S. Senate – Principles for a Change Fiscal Restraint Limited Government Free Market Solutions Energy Independence Strong National Defense … not only abroad and along our borders, but within our communities and our families. | Read More »

    The War – Go Big or go home?

    In the article: “The New Anti-War Right”, by Reihan Salam Rep. Jason Chaffetz is quoted. If you read what Rep. Chaffetz said: The question is do we have a new “anti-war right” or do we have a bunch of conservatives that want to avoid war, and if required, go to win? My favorite quote from Chaffetz: “Mr. President, go big or go home. | Read More »

    Tired of Senator Bob Bennett

    By the way, A recent survey Poll in Utah says almost nothing, but one thing, the average adult in Utah doesn’t want Bob Bennett going back to Washington D.C. and they are still looking to which candidate they want. (Many GOP delegates are lining up behind Cherilyn Eagar, but the GOP delegates weren’t targeted) The Poll didn’t ask the likely GOP delegates, (which would have | Read More »

    Tea Party vs. GOP incumbent Senator Bob Bennett

    I found this article interesting: “A well-placed Utah GOP source said the conservative movement could really have an impact in the state, especially if the Tea Party movement, the 9/12ers and the Patrick Henry Caucus can settle on one candidate.” The article was about the Tea Parties vs US Senator Bob Bennett (Utah), and as of today, only one current candidate for US Senate | Read More »