Conservative Media and The Importance of the Truth

    Rush’s job is to tell the truth. He can cast himself as a businessman and entertainer. He can say his only purpose is to acquire and hold the largest audience possible and charge confiscatory advertising rates. But these are SECONDARY purposes. No business is in business solely to make money. If the only thing that mattered was making money you should be a drug dealer. | Read More »

    Live Blogging the Rush Limbaugh Show 4/20/16

    We’ve had multiple posts on Rush Limbaugh on Red State. He’s alienating his own audience. Today I have some time to listen to his show live (while doing other work). Normally I don’t. So, I decided to give my reply to his show live. I’m sure that many of us have shouted at our radio while listening to our lovable fuzz-ball blowhard. Most of us | Read More »

    Disecting Ann: Spitting poison into the wind

    Who is this vixen of the right? Ann Coulter is her name. People love to hate Ann Coulter and she loves to be hated. 4/13: This last week Ann wrote Ted Cruz: Tracy Flick With A D*ck I’m assuming that she’s referring to Ted’s boat, stationed at his Dock. Obviously Tracy Flick doesn’t have one. Ann starts: Before we begin, can we stop referring to | Read More »

    The Week Rush Limbaugh Went off the Rails

    This is a significant week in our 2016 GOP Presidential Primary. The biggest story is Donald Trump’s reveal about his inability to articulate a coherent pro-life position. This laid bare his ignorance and nativity. But this week also pushed Rush to the brink of his ability to disguise his real intentions. And this decent into madness started at the beginning of the week with the Lewandowski | Read More »

    Donald Trump Fits the Historical Pattern of a Dictator

    I recently discovered a gem I’d like to share with you. The book “Why Don’t We Learn from History?” by B.H. Liddell Hart published posthumously by his wife Lady Kathleen Sullivan Liddell Hart in 1971 is an interesting historical and philosophical treatise. It is really a summary of Hart’s life’s work in military history and strategy. In it he details a pattern of dictatorship. While | Read More »

    What does a Conservative President do once elected?

    During this campaign we’ve had a strong dose of intraparty fighting about the meaning of conservatism. As a political ideology and movement conservatism is the animating force in the Republican Party. This does not mean that all Republicans are conservative, far from it. But, the Republican Party is the natural home of conservatism. The goals of conservatives: limited government, free market economics and a strong | Read More »

    John Kasich – Fruit Ninja

    In an effort to insert some humor in to a very serious presidential primary on the GOP side, I submit this. The Race for the top establishment Governor Candidate is of little real interest to me. It is a way to make NH more interesting. Watching them duke it out with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday was mildly interesting. But Christie and Jeb better | Read More »

    Johnny Manziel vs. Tim Tebow

    Sometimes a story is never really fully understood or unpacked until there is a bright contrast. In some cases a real felt tension is required to embrace the conflict between two extremes. Johnny Manziel may represent the worst of the Millennial generation and has demonstrated his lack of character. Those of us who follow college and professional football knew who Tm Tebow was as a | Read More »

    If George F. Will writes another column it will mean the end of conservatism

    The following diary is a structural rip off of this George F. Will column and his vehement attack on Trump. I’ve taken massive liberties with his work to point out the style of his writing easy to imitate and actually kind of fun. Maybe this is my calling in life, rewriting and reediting George Will. If that is the case it draws into question my modified conclusion, | Read More »

    Cognitive Dissonance and the Democrat Party

    The genius of Rush Limbaugh is his ability to serve as a launching pad for so many different lines of thinking. His natural gift for mixing inductive and deductive logic, the big picture and the detailed facts, helps outline some of the key issues in our nation today. Rush is able to succinctly take a theoretical stab at deep seeded problems and situations we face. | Read More »