Defending the Republican Party and Conservativism

    When George W. Bush failed to defend himself from the onslaught of lies coming from the Democrat media he failed us. Part of the reason why the hatred of W was so visceral and unabated was because he lost his friendship and support within the country, and his own party. Why should Republicans stand up for him when he wouldn’t stand up for himself? Karl Rove | Read More »

    Defeating Democrats is The #1 Strategic Priority of Businesses and Nations

    If you consider the external environment (everything outside of the boundaries of an organization) the greatest threat to many businesses and nations is the Democrat Party. John Kerry wants to destroy Koch Industries and Exxon Mobile. Barrack Obama has severed support to Israel, Japan and Iraq. Exxon Mobile has billions of dollars to defend itself. Israel is heavily linked to US interests and organizations. Now there | Read More »

    Wipe out the Media (Trump shows the way)

    It is time to terminate the media. We gotten to the point where the media is reeling, it’s bleeding from the head. When you have a chance for the coup de grace, the death blow, you take it. When your mortal enemy is up against the ropes you take him out. You put him down. When you have your prey in your sights you take the killshot. | Read More »

    Donald Trump is a horrible, terrible, very bad person

    Photo: Reuters Recent reports from anonymous sources have Donald Trump yelling at his wife, kicking his dog, and promising to “bomb the snot out of everyone who looks at us funny.” He likes beautiful women and he thinks his daughter is beautiful. How weird! Current GOP front runner Donald Trump is mean. He yells at people who interrupt him. And he makes fun of children | Read More »

    Why Moderate Muslims Don’t Fight

    (Philippe Wojazer/Reuters) The events in Paris this weekend solidified a position I’ve been thinking about for a long time. When I look at the Islamic world, from Africa through the Middle East to Indonesia –included in the 10-40o window – I can’t help but wonder why there has not been one democratic revolution in any Muslim country in the last 200 years?  I believe that | Read More »

    Every Trump Controversy is an Opportunity

      I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. We must destroy the credibility of the media. Brick by brick we must lay waste to their Empire of Lies. Donald Trump provides a prime example of what it takes. And he has ample opportunity to ram the truth in the face of the media. Point in case, the non-controversy controversy about a questioner at | Read More »

    The Real Economic Crisis Is Our Culture

    (Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images) The real challenge of economic growth is not changes to taxes or regulation, as important as those policies are. It is not innovation and education, even though both are necessary and important. The economic problems will not be resolved through legal or government reforms, although without those reforms the prospect of economic growth is slim. At the root, our economic | Read More »

    Know Your Enemy (It’s not Donald Trump)

    Conservatives need to use Donald Trump to beat the media into submission. This is a simple strategic maneuver that is similar to isolating competition. It has the effect of narrowing the field of battle and reducing the range of your primary target. It will also draw out the media and render their most used weapon – false moralizing – useless. Rush sees this PC battle | Read More »

    Hey Hillary: Waiting your turn never works out

    Hillary Clinton stepped aside, begrudging, for Barrack Obama. She stood by her man while he chased skirts. She got her promises from the Democrat Party machine in assurances of reciprocation. Her defense of the Party was supposed to result in a pay-off: The Presidency. But, this house of cards is crumbling. Hillary is banking on guarantees that are not worth the air they were whispered in. | Read More »

    You Are Responsible

      “Is there a BOGO sale in the Planned Parenthood freezer section?” Do you remember the rage you felt when you first saw the Planned Parenthood videos? When the Plant Parenthood videos came out I was disgusted. I am disgusted by what they show. But I am MORE disgusted because of how long this has gone on.  With or without the sale of body parts, | Read More »